You can hide your eyebags behind those ginormous shades, your skin imperfections underneath layers of make up, but unless you plan on giving everyone the silent treatment you can never hide bad breath.

Bad breath may be the easiest to get rid off, just gargle or spray some mouthwash and its gone—but the effects may just be temporary.

First, here’s a couple of ways to check if you have bad breath according to

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Now make sure you do this in private unless you want to get strange and disgusted looks from those around you. Also try not to do this just after you’ve brushed your teeth, used mouthwash or ate something minty as you’d just be fooling yourself. Gather just a bit of saliva and lick (DON’T DROOL!) the inside of your wrist–yep the same place you spray on cologne (also dont do this if you’ve sprayed cologne!). Wait for 5 to 10 seconds when your saliva has dried and smell. This is more or less how your breath smells like when you are talking to people. If it doesn’t smell terrible then your breath may not be too bad but if you immediately get a bit nauseous or feel like throwing up–then you might need to visit your dentist and improve on your dental hygiene.


Another discreet way to self-check your breath is to cover your mouth and nose with both of your hands. Form a cup so that the air you breathe out through your mouth has nowhere to go but into your nose.


Breathe out, slowly, from your mouth, and quickly inhale the hot breath through your nose. If you feel suffocated and nauseous again, find some mouthwash and head over to your dentist.

Still unconvinced if your breath smells okay? Then it might be time to ask a “second opinion,” and know who your friends really are. 

Dont go breathing in his/or her face and ask if it smells, but rather discretely say “I’m worried that my breath might smell bad, but I can’t really tell. This is embarrassing, but have you noticed anything?”


Ask permission first–Then breathe out!

If they say No! Then success all those flossing and brushing is working! But if they faint then its really time to face your fears—and go to the dentist.

Going to the dentist can be quite scary,  after all, who’d want to have someone shove metal objects inside your mouth and reading disaster stories about unsanitary practices isn’t  at all reassuring. This is the reason why J&T Dental Trading recently held a seminar to update dentists and dental practitioners practice about the latest in dental care and make their clinics more inviting for patients.

J& T is a private company specializes in quality dental products particularly Endodontics, Orthodontics, Composites, Anaesthetics, Infection Control, Clinical and Patient supplies. Our main suppliers are from the United States, France, Japan, Canada and China. To make sure that only quality and affordable products are delivered to our valued clients, J&T Dental Trading sources our products from well-known manufacturers in the industry, explained Angeles Genorga Jr, Managing Director of J & T Dental Trading.Pic8McLarty

“Our major markets are dental clinics, dentists, private and government hospitals, dental laboratories, dental students and other medical and dental practitioners. J&T Dental Trading’s main clients are from Metro Manila and other parts of the country, adds proprietor Mercedes Genorga.

Linda Mclarty with Mercedes Genorga

During the seminar Ms. Linda McLarty, Director of Education, Germiphene Corp. spoke about infection prevention & control update. McLarty is an expert in providing relevant and timely information regarding infection prevention, control and compliance among dental issues who has travelled around the world to share her knowledge about dentistry

McLarty stressed that dental clinics must be sanitized for and all equipment must sterilized before and after treating a patient and that it is best for dentists should open the wrapped instrument before their patients to assure them that their equipment are sterilized.

Dr. Mario Esquillo

Dr. Mario Esquillo

The next speaker was Mario Esquillo, a fellow of the Philippine College of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, Asian Association of Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons, International Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons. Dr. Esquillo discussed controversies in the surgical removal of impacted third molar.

Dr. Esquillo receives plaque of appreciation from Angeles Genorga.
Dr. Esquillo receives plaque of appreciation from Angeles Genorga.


J&T Dental Trading is a member of the National Association of Dental Traders, Inc. (NADTI) which started operations in February 4, 2009, since then, the company has grown into a major supplier of consumable dental products in the country.

Genorga says they want to be a model in dental industry by providing quality care and service to our clients, people, and the community by 2020.



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