Comedic loveteam Ai-Ai and Bayani surprises in new movie “Feelennial”

In the 80’s, Filipino teenagers proudly referred to themselves as “Bagets” following the success of that movie wdictated most of the trends of that decade. But do you remember how they called the older people who tried to act like “Bagets” but were still clearly clinging on to their youth?

The “Forgets.”

Well it seems the current Titos and Titas who act like they belong to the current millennial generation now have a similar label –“Feelennial”

Feelennial, a portmanteau of the words “feeling” and “millennial,” describes middle-aged individuals who feel and act like millennials (those born in the 1980s to the 1990s).

It’s also the title of the new movie that brings together two of the funniest comedians in the country for the first time–AiAi Delas Alas and Bayani Agbayani.

Produced by Cignal Entertainment and DSL Productions, Feelennials is about older people trying fit in with millennials and eventually finding love through a mobile app. Directed by Rechie del Carmen  Feelennial  opens on June 19 in cinemas nationwide.

First time film producer Pops Fernandez says she always liked funny and feel-good movies, that’s why she decided to do a comedy as her first venture.

Romantic comedies are always a hit among Pinoys, as local movie-goers love the combination of a good laugh and the kilig feeling they get from these light-hearted movies.

“When I was given the script, I found it so funny that I thought if I already found it funny in writing, what more if it was executed properly?”

“Ai-ai” delas Alas-Sibayan plays Madame Bato-bato, a rich single mom who has everything she needs except the attention of her only son Nico (played by Arvic Tan) and so she tries to do the activities that her son is into. Her “feelennial” activities include online dating where she meets Chito (played by Bayani Rogacion Jr., better known as Bayani Agbayani), a rich bachelor who recently won a huge sum via lotto jackpot. 

They will remind are your adorable titos and titas, who stumble into one misadventure after another as they try to adopt the lifestyle of the younger generation.

Their first encounter doesn’t turn out too well, and what ensues is a flurry of mishaps and misadventures, pitting De las Alas and Agbayani into funny, yet thought-provoking situations on how romance and family dynamic has changed in today’s society.

Both Ai-Ai and Bayani said they find playing their roles in the movie a breeze as they can fully relate to their characters. With four grown-up children, Ai-Ai has always practiced the millennial vibe as she is into #ootd’s, constantly takes selfies and groufies, and regularly uploads these on her social media accounts. Bayani is also a certified “titolennial.” Married for over two decades to his wife Lenlen, he gets his inspiration from their four young millennial daughters. 

Both Ai-Ai and Bayani are surrounded at work by a young group of stars and production people, whose millennial habits they have somewhat imbibed as well. These include cast members Nar Cabico as Dua, Ina Feleo as Tahoma, Nicole Donesa as Cambria, Jelai Andres as Aerial,  Nicole Donesa as Cambria, Sofia delas Alas as Sophia, Skelly Skelly as  Dope, Micah Muñoz as Shanty, Arvic Tan as Nico and Raffy Roque as Efril, with special participation of Martin Nievera, Pops Fernandez, and Paolo Ballesteros.

“At its core, [the film] is about two middle-aged people who find themselves in this world of romance in the digital age,” James C. Meneses, senior manager for content and channel marketing at Cignal TV.

Directed by one of GMA 7’s resident directors, Rechie del Carmen, Feelennial is produced by Cignal Entertainment,  the original content division of the Philippine’s #1 Pay TV provider, Cignal TV, and Pops Fernandez’s DSL Productions, which marks its first venture into film production after organizing successful concerts for over 30 years. 

The movie has been getting positive reviews from intitial screenings, with viewers praising the tandem of Bayani and AiAi as the new comedy loveteam. Bring the whole family to watch Feelennial, which opens in cinemas on June 19! 

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