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A call to #StandOrange with Orangutan Jungle School

These orange orphans have a story to tell, are you willing to listen?

On August 5th 2018,  Love Nature 4K is launching  a new docu-drama series about young, orphaned orangutans and their path towards rehabilitation so that they can one day live free in the wild.

These beautiful, kind and gentle creatures will be sent to a special school called the Orangutan Jungle School, where graduation is a ticket to the deep, unchartered jungles of Borneo.

Orangutan Jungle School is a documentary series following the hilarious antics, triumphs, and tragedies of a group of orphaned orangutans as they journey through a unique jungle school system. Along the way, they’ll encounter all kinds of embarrassments, tears, tantrums and teenage crushes that come with an orangutan growing up. They don’t know it yet, but these curious youngsters are destined for great things, and when they graduate from this school, they’ll have the chance to finally live free in the wild.

Love Nature 4K is a channel where you discover, explore and connect with all the wonders and beauties of nature. With a family-friendly programming line-up, the channel is bound to have viewers unearth astonishing details of nature — from natural phenomena to the marvels of the animal kingdom. Love Nature showcases exclusive series from around the globe, shot in the highest quality imaginable.

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