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Tips on How to Keep your Homes Safe from Fire

CBIG urges homeowners to think ahead and be vigilant

Sun’s out, the temperature is rising and in just a few more weeks, we will be saying hello once again to the looong summer days!

That means long holidays, more vacation Time, out of town trips, the beach, which also means leaving the house unattended and vulnerable.

Did you know that the number of tire incidences increased significantly in 2018, as reported by the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP)? From January 1 to December 27, 2018, a total of 14,316 tires occurred versus 14.198 in 2017.

So the next time you go on a trip and leave the house make sure to practice these safety tips:

Living Room
1. Do not use extension cords as permanent outlets; do not loop them around sharp obiects that may cause cords to fray open.
2. Make sure curtains are away from electric fan blades.
3. Do not leave an electric fan switched on when its no longer rotating; regularly clean and household electric fans.
4. Do not delay fixing defective appliances.
5. Unplug rice cookers and clothes irons promptty after use. Place candles in holders or a basin partly filled with water.
6.Put out candles before going to bed.

Kitchen Area

1. Never leave your cooking unattended. 2. Matches and lighters should be kept out of reach of children.

3. Stoves must be clean and grease-free; check LPG for teaks with soapy water.
4. Do not douse a burning frying pan With water, but instead cover it with a lid or a damp cloth.
5. Unplug all idle eiectrical appliances
6. Avoid overloading outlets and using worn-out cords.
7. Do not store items on the stovetop. 8. Keep flammable liquids and other combustible items away from the stove when cooking.
9. Replace smoke alarm batteries every six months.


While some Filipinos think fire insurance is unnecessary, it is time to change that old view. The unpredictability and destructiveness of fire incidents still warrant a more efficient and reliable means of protecting lives and property.

“Big or small, homes should be covered by fire insurance. To see your property go up in smoke can be a traumatic experience, so it is best to be on guard for emergencies all the time,“ says Geraldine Desiderio-Garcia, senior vice president and general manager of Country Bankers Insurance Group (CBIG).

Responding to the need for home security, Country Bankers Insurance Corporation (CBIC), a subsidialy of CBIG, has come up with low-cost insurance products that cover a wide array of non-Iife insurance including motor vehicle and fire.

CBIC’s tire insurance provides options that fat different lifestyles from fire and lightning (buildings andlor contents), as well as several situations such as during earthquakes, typhoons and floods. Optional supplementary covers may atso be availed from clearing of debris, and hrehghting expenses, to household employee belongings.

“Insurance has become dynamic because we onty want to provide homeowners security and protection, to give them peace of mind during times of distress,” Garcia explains.

For inquiries on life and nonlife insurance products, visit Country Bankers Centre at 648 TM. Kalaw Avenue, Ermita, Maniia or cat! 523-8611 for life and 524-0621 for online.

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