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When Hunks Go Hungry: Derek, Piolo and Dingdong for Dunkin Donuts DDBar

Kapamilya, Kapatid, Kapuso. Who would have thought that three of the most talented actors in the local industry, Piolo Pascual, Derek Ramsay, and Dingdong Dantes would be working together, in one project.

It may not be for a movie—yet…but after seeing how cool these three were in their new Dunkin Donuts TVC, I’m sure their fans can’t wait to see them in the big screen.

At a press conference held in Makati to launch Dunkin Donut’s new DD Bars, Derek and Piolo welcomed Dingdong to the Dunkin family sharing their own Dunkin Donut stories, their favorite flavor and what’s it like working with the Pinoy’s favorite donut brand.

Derek described the brand as his “savior.” “When I was in the States studying college, I was on a tight budget. I learned that every day, Dunkin disposes the donuts that are not sold. So me and my other Filipino friends will just go there to study, buy coffee and we get free donuts,” he shared.

Derek joked (or was it a hint?) that the number “7” is meaningful for him as he has been the endorser of the brand for seven years now; and as I’m writing this post, I think I was even there when he first signed a contract back in 2013.

Dingdong said it was such an such an honor “To join these two fine young gentlemen and matagal ko nang iniisip kung kailan ko kaya sila makakatrabaho. And I am just grateful na nagawa nila yun ngayon because this is something that is very dear to us, something that is very personal because we all have personal stories about this chain.”

“They really welcomed me. Very warm ang pagtanggap especially sa set kasi for them it’s like their home already. Parating sinasabi nila sa akin na it’s like family here. They will always make you feel like home. And that is exactly what they made me feel on the set. So parang naglalaro lang kami and just being ourselves.”  The three even revealed that they caused delay in shooting their television ad because of the many stories they shared to each other.

“It was so much fun, actually hindi kami natatapos sa kuwentuhan. On and off cam we were just making kuwento,” Piolo added.

I had the chance to ask them what was the best thing about working with the Dunkin Donuts (besides getting to eat all the donuts they want) and Derek and Piolo said it was the relationship they’ve built with the brand.

“We have the best Bosses in Sir Walter and Maam Cora..they are the humblest people…You can feel their sincerity… and that rubs off to everyone in the company…They go beyond business, they treat you like family,” Derek answered.


In the TVC Dingdong invites the two to a new “Bar” that he’s discovered—the Dunkin Donuts DDBar.

Filipinos have a sweet tooth and through the years, our taste has continuously leveled up and we become more adventurous with our choices. Dunkin’ Donuts understands this that is why they keep on giving reasons to love the brand and this year, they are once again raising the bar with the Delicious DD Bar!

Get hooked on these delectable flavor-filled bars available in 5 delightful flavors. The dark chocolate-y éclair, the coffee-sprinkled Tiramisu, the kreme-filled, Hazelnut-flavored Split Royale, the exquisite Matcha, and the fruity, white chocolate Lady Finger. Every flavor is a Dunkin‘ masterpiece that you should not wait to sink your teeth into!

Dingdong says his favorite is Dark Chocolate-y Éclair, while Derek and Piolo both picked Coffee-Sprinkled Tiramisu.

Donuts are number one diet enemy, aren’t they? Well, the three noted it’s just a “matter of balance.”

“To be honest, I can have five in one seating. I get moody if I don’t have it. But I still live my active lifestyle so I burn it. Walang problema,” Derek said.

Piolo, on the other hand, mentioned that everything they eat comes in moderation as long as they burn it off afterwards.

“Hindi ka magi-guilty kumain. For me I am able to fit exercise all the time. I actually have a couple of runs and some events. It’s really a matter of balance. You’re doing TV, you’re doing endorsements, you’re doing sports as well. For me it’s spread out throughout the year.”

And for Dingdong, “Ako nung alam kong makakasama ko sila, nag-diet ako, e. But seriously, at the end of the day it’s all about balance. Kung gaano ang ibibigay mo dito sa pagkain, you balance it out with proper and right exercise.

“But now ang training ko nga­yon is 100-meter dash. Ang bilis na kasi tumakbo ni Zia.”

Since they were able to join force in one endorsement, a lot of people in the room were curious if there will be a possibility of doing a movie together.

It was Dingdong who answered, “Gusto ko yan. Matagal ko na silang gustong makasama sa isang movie project. Ito nga may movie producer tayo sa tabi natin [Piolo]. Sana mangyari nga.”

Enjoy your favorite donuts with the DDBar. For P299, you can get 5 DD Bars with 6 Classic Donuts. Or for the same price, get 3 DD Bars with 2 Premium Donuts and 6 Classic Donuts. This is truly another great reason to love Dunkin Donuts, bar none.

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