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The damage our skin is subjected to daily from pollution, stress, unhealthy eating habits and sun exposure among others, makes achieving youthful skin very challenging. Despite this, it is not too late to have glowing skin, according to actress and Banana Sundae mainstay, Shine Kuk.

The 2018 Miss Korea Philippines shares some skin care secrets, with a little help from a friend she calls ORACLE KOREAN AESTHETIC CLINIC.

Shine uses the right sun screen (at least 50SPF), removes her make-up as soon as she gets home, and applies moisturizer religiously. She also eats fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C, D and fatty acid. Twice weekly, Shine applies a 15-20 minute mud mask; after which she washes her face with three to four green teabags, brewed and mixed with 500ml of water. She then washes her face 26 times (“Because it has to be equivalent to your age!” the 26-year old South Korean actress quipped). She finishes everything off with a moisturizing face mask. She likewise takes Vitamin C both for her health and her skin.

Shine has a fair and smooth complexion but because she is always under the klieg lights and wears make up all the time, she says she gets white pores on her forehead and nose. She has learned the importance of going the extra mile for one’s skin, like consulting a professional Skin Care Clinic. In her case, it has always been Oracle Korean Aesthetic Clinic.

Shine admitted that she is partial to Korean skin care clinics in the Philippines. “I tried other Korean skin care clinics but since I discovered Oracle, I go there regularly now. I can see how well my skin is maintained and how my problem areas have improved. Oracle’s procedures and treatments are comparable to and as authentic as those skin clinics we have in Korea,” she said. Apart from the excellent service, Shine also attests to Oracle’s cozy ambience and the kindness and warmth of the aestheticians, doctors, consultants and staff.

Shine has tried most of Oracle’s services: hair removal laser, Cinderella injection, Revlite for some body scars, and the popular Korean Facial treatment. In fact, part of her preparation for the 2018 Miss Korea Universe Beauty Pageant included visiting Oracle once or twice weekly for Revlite, Korean Facial treatment, and 3-LipoMax body contouring (TriLipo). Revlite has greatly improved her skin since it reacts really fast against heat and pollen. Revlite allows her to freely wear a bikini without worrying if the scars show, she said.

She also loves Oracle’s signature Korean Facial Treatment that uses products, services, and technology from South Korea, touted as Asia’s beauty capital. After cleansing, the facial treatment guarantees an instant brightening, firming and lifting of the skin, and does away with clogged pores and sagging.

Just like Shine, everyone should consider having healthy, shining, lit-from-within skin as #skingoals2019. This should begin with basic home practices such as cleansing, washing off, and applying sunblock, living a healthy lifestyle, drinking enough water, maintaining a balanced diet, and avoiding stress.

“People should also visit to a professional skin care clinic to get to know their skin condition, especially when they cannot systematically maintain and improve their skin problems. To make any skin shine with radiance and natural beauty, I also recommend that they regularly go to Oracle Korean Skin Care Clinic like I do as a reward for my hard work. I can say this is my new happy place!” Shine concluded.

Oracle Korean Aesthetic Clinic is the first franchised clinic in the country from Oracle Skinland, South Korea, the largest networked dermatology, plastic surgery and obesity clinic in the Asia Pacific. It uses the latest state-of-the-art US FDA-approved technology and equipment to give Filipinos an affordable and sustainable alternative to beautification and “youthification”, or the journey towards becoming young again.

(Oracle Korean Aesthetic Clinic is open from Monday to Saturday, at 10:00AM-8:00PM. The clinic is at the Republic Glass Building, 196 Salcedo Street corner Soria Street, Legaspi Village, Makati. To know more about Oracle, set an appointment by checking their website: or follow them on Facebook & Instagram: /oracle.aesthetic or call (02) 801-4131 / 0916-2238821; 0977-8555768 for reservation, in-house promos and discounts.

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