5 New Restaurants Try in 2019

…and the App you need find more and get discounts! Eatigo

Its the start of another year which means new beginnings, new experiences, and new food adventures… even if your resolution is to lose weight.

Because discovering new restos doesn’t always mean destroying your diet, you just need to learn how to share.

This year, be the first to try out and suggest a new dining destination to your friends, all you need to do is first download Eatigo.

To get you started, Eatigo, your trusty partner for delicious discounts, has chosen five dining holes that are worth your time and money!


First on the list is Butcher and Sons Steakhouse, a top-notch European restaurant found in the south of Metro Manila.

Butcher and Sons

They serve only an authentic steakhouse experience, complete with boneless and bone-in meat cuts with your choice of flavour, breed, diet, and more. The ambience itself is luxe yet cozy, perfect for intimate dinner dates.


For dessert or savory dishes, make your way over to The Cook by Hongleepark, an Italian-Korean fusion place where flavors and ingredients are in abundance.

The cheese bingsu is a best-seller, as well as the Spicy Chicken Steak Salad. Oh, and the Shrimp Pilaf is to die for.


For the people behind Kusina Sea Kitchens at Hilton Manila, seafood is a word they do not take lightly. Have the freshest catch of the day cooked to your preferences dampa-style, or savor the interactive buffer counters offering splendid Filipino food.

The vibrant space is a preview to the colorful meal you’re about to devour—delicious, varied, and no less than exceptional.


A newly-opened American pub serving mean bar chow and equally sinful drinks is WYLD Kitchen and Bar.

Their signature cocktails are quite inventive, particularly the Afterglow, Radiculous, and Curry the Painkiller. They also have the usual beers, vodka, and liqueur if you’re up for something familiar and good.


For your Japanese fix, Tori Ichi Yakitori and Bar will not disappoint.

The casual diner takes after Japan’s izakayas, serving you glorious yakitori sticks and all the best rolls including the crowd-favorite Spicy Salmon Roll and a plate of the addictive Mochi Bacon.

All of these restaurants are conveniently available on Eatigo, so all reservations are just one-click away. The best part is they’re offering the promo code EATMORE to get an additional Php100 off from your total bill! Download the app now and sign up to see more of their exclusive and sky-high deals. Visit Eatigo now:

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