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WWE Raw Returns via Fox+!

Wrestling fans in the Philippines can rejoice as FOX+ will exclusively stream WWE Raw live every Tuesday beginning 17 July at 8 am.

Pinoy WWE Fans rejoice as the longest running sports entertainment program-WWE RAW is finally back!

Enjoy the spectacle and watch the drama unfold as you watch your  favorite WWE Superstars continue their quest towards the championship titles.

Ever wondered why a lot of people  from all walks of life look up to these wrestling superstars? Why young kids and even grown men screaming and cheer with every move, every promo and especially every finishing move?

Its because a lot of the WWE Superstars started out as fans themselves, emulating their idol’s promos, following their training regimen to eventually becoming part of the wrestling industry.  Many of the current WWE stars all started from the same place that we did. They were students in schools, varsity players in school sports, and people taking the bus in the street. The journey to the WWE and the Monday Night RAW stage can be long and hard. But many still climb the ladder and reach for the top. And who wouldn’t? The WWE is the biggest and brightest platform in professional wrestling!

Take WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar for example, he waded through many different chapters in his life before finally calling the WWE his home. He was a signed NFL Defensive tackle, he was a competitive mixed martial-arts fighter in the UFC, and now he claims the title of being the longest-running Universal Champion of the WWE!

Even the ladies claim their dream at the WWE! Alexa Bliss currently holds the title of being the RAW Women’s Champion. Take note, she’s one of the meanest female superstars which the WWE has seen in a long time and she has achieved a lot in a very short space of time.  Alexa is also the first woman in the history of the WWE to win both the SmackDown Live and Raw Women Titles.

The WWE is certainly larger than life. And although we now know that pro wrestling is a rehearsed sport with scripts and trained athletes, we still can’t stop watching it! The flare, the action, and the drama are all what makes the WWE a one-of-a-kind spectacle that people all over the world enjoy. Who knows, maybe one day your path will lead you to the biggest pro wrestling stage in the world, the WWE!

In addition to the Raw live every Tuesday, the same time as the U.S., FOX+ will stream on demand WWE weekly highlight showsAfterburn®, Experience®and This Week®. FOX+ is available on Android and iOS devices as well as on Apple TV and select Android TVs. Start your free 30 day trial now and stream your favorite and latest American TV series, Hollywood blockbusters, inspiring National Geographic documentaries, and live Sports anytime and anywhere. For more info, visit:

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