Rowan McPaddles Rows Its Way To Mobile Devices and Apple TV

Developed by Philippine-based studio, Monstronauts Inc., Rowan McPaddles a fun-soaked endless-rower for Android, Apple, and Apple TV, and is now available for Early-Access of the Google Play Store!


Have you met Rowan?
Our main-man Rowan McPaddles is known to few for his jaw-dropping rowing abilities, and is known to ever fewer for his fancy moustache. Help make him and his friends overnight social media sensations by guiding them across the Bad, Bad River!

Row, row, row your boat!

It’s going to be a rough ride, so best have your life-vest tightly fastened! Brave your way through the Bad, Bad River while avoiding debris, the local wildlife, and other unusual obstacles!

Perform OARsome stunts
Simply rowing your way through the river is way too mainstream! That’s why in Rowan McPaddles, you can more than just row! Flip, pose, and even dab, all while effortlessly rowing all the way!

Play as from a wide sea-lection of characters
Okay, let’s face it, what’s a life at sea like without a little variety? Play as Rowan McPaddles, or one of many other fame-hungry rowing hopefuls, all with their own unique playstyle!

Be A rowing superstar
What’s the use of rowing instyle if you’re not going to flaunt it? Take photos, and flaunt them by uploading them to the super fictional social media page for rowing enthusiasts- RIVR!

Water you waiting for?! Rowan McPaddles is now available on for download on Google Play, and the Apple App Store! Happy rowing!

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