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Hydration, Nutrition, Supplementation in a single convenient drink with Amway’s Nutrilite PhytoPowder

Water is life.  We need water to eliminate toxic substances, produce digestive enzymes, maintain healthy skin, hair and organs, and to help your body absorb essential vitamins, minerals and natural sugars.  Water also regulates body temperature, stimulates metabolism and helps promote regularity.

If you’re not hydrated, your body can’t perform at its highest level. You may feel tired, have muscle cramps, dizziness, or other serious symptoms.

Rehydration is absolutely vital, especially for those who live active lifestyles, and for oral rehydration, the new gold standard is Amway’s Nutrilite PhytoPowder. No other drink on the market offers the benefits of Nutrilite PhytoPowder, and the fact that it comes in convenient foil stick packs means you can drink it anywhere there is drinking water.  PhytoPowder is truly a rehydration solution like no other.

It is no secret that the human body is mostly water, but science has shown that when we sweat, drink too much alcohol, or when we have diarrhea, we lose not just water but the ability to retain water.  This is because the electrolytes that allow the human body to retain water are in fact water soluble, the water we lose also washes away electrolytes as we lose it.

This is why electrolyte drinks are more effective for oral rehydration than water alone. The infusion of electrolytes quickly restores the body’s ability to maintain the correct percentage of water, something that we literally need in order to survive.    However, it has been known for some time that apart from water and electrolytes we also lose water soluble vitamins during the course of the day, more so when we are active, among these are vitamins, such as Vitamin B Complex, and Vitamin C.  That is why so many swear that water soluble vitamin supplements are a great hangover remedy.  A hangover, is essentially the result of dehydration, and water-soluble vitamin supplementation partially addresses the dehydration by replacing lost vitamins.

Unlike their fat-soluble counterparts, water soluble vitamins are used up quickly and more frequently especially when we are more active.  They can and should be replenished often in a single day.  They provide all kinds of mental and physical benefits from improved alertness to increased energy, to improved immune function. It is also nearly impossible to overdose on water soluble vitamins, because we simply get rid of excess quantities through urination.

Andrea Dumancas, Head of Attraction, – Christine Michelle Pangilinan-Reyes, RPh, Assistant Technical Regulatory Manager Research and Development Department, Kittkat Cruz-Diestro, Head of ABO-Buyer Experience and Integration- Amway’s Strong Start Journey Team;- Ms. Audra Davies, Vice President for Product Development For Nutrition, Beauty, and Homecare /Council for Responsible Nutrition

Nutrilite’s PhytoPowder is a healthy beverage that addresses dehydration while providing important water soluble Vitamin replenishment at the same time, all in an easy to prepare, and great tasting, low calorie drink.

The benefits don’t stop there though, PhytoPowder is phytonutrient and fiber enhanced. Phytonutrients are plant based compounds with myriad benefits that were first identified by Nutrilite founder Carl Rhenborg in 1934.  Phytonutrients are powerful antioxidants and have been found to have color specific benefits.  The color of the plant from which a particular Phytonutrient is extracted determines what benefits it delivers.

The benefits of phytonutrients are as diverse as improved vision, improved mental alertness, improved joints, prostate health, cellular health and many more.  The benefits of fiber are well documented, particularly its role in digestion, nutrient absorption and detoxification.

Aside from the fact that a stick pack dissolves conveniently in water, another convenience feature of PhytoPowder is the fact that each stick pack delivers benefits that no healthy beverage comes close to offering.  To get the same benefits as PhytoPowder from other “healthy” beverages, you would probably end up having to drink more than one “healthy” drink, combined with a supplement or two, and yet still you wouldn’t get phytonutrients. This makes PhytoPowder the perfect hydration companion for those with busy or extra active lifestyles. PhytoPowder comes in two variants, Refresh Lemon for regular hydration, and Electrolyte Orange for those extra active days.

The fiber, vitamins and phytonutrients in PhytoPowder are obtained through Nutrilite’s unique seed to supplement approach.  Nutrilite employs 150 scientists at any given time and does exhaustive research into plants and other possible sources of all kinds of beneficial nutrients.  Plants that are identified as having beneficial compounds are grown on certified organic farms all over the globe.  The active nutrients that go into all Nutrilite products are derived exclusively from these plants.

Nutrilite takes great care to see to it that plants mature to an age that has been determined to be the optimal for the extraction of active ingredients, this ensures that the active ingredients in Nutrilite products are of only the highest quality and potency.  To date, Nutrilite is the only manufacturer of health supplements that has this exhaustive seed to supplement process.  They also have meticulous quality standards, that see 500,000 quality evaluations performed annually.  Nutrilite is exclusively distributed in the Philippines and globally by Amway.

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