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Dad-Favorite Sperry Boat Shoes Is the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

Father’s day is just a few days away, June 17, Sunday, to be exact. Lucky you, as you still have a week or so left to buy a gift or plan something for him this year. But in case you’ve already exhausted yourself from thinking so hard and youstillhave no clue, idea, or whatsoever onwhat to give your dad this time around, we have an advice for you (and trust us when we say thatyou should really take our word on this one): you can’t go wrong with a pair of his favorite shoes. Our suggestion? Get the classic Sperry boat shoes, what else.

Sperry’s iconic boat shoes have been around since 1935. Trusted for decades, the love for the Sperry boat shoe, like a family heirloom, has been passed through generations and generations. We’re not surprised—thanks to the shoes’ hand-sewn leather construction and superior materials, a pair of this classic and cult favorite can last for years and years.

We are even sure that all the men in your household received a Sperry boat shoe passed down to them at least once in their lives! But of course, the number one dad doesn’t deserve just a second hand pair, right? Or if he has a used and abused Sperry boat shoe which he bought for himself or by your mom years ago, tell him that now is the time to let that pair retire. So in case you’re planning to buy one (or two), feel free to choose from two Sperry boat shoes variants: the Authentic Original or one from the Gold Cup collection. The Sperry Authentic Original boat shoe is the popular pair that your dad (and most probably all the other dadsworldwide) loved overtime.

Its classic look has been an icon of seaworthy style—perfect for your classy and stylish pop. He can use this one in the office, or while hanging out with his golf buddies. On the other hand, if you want togo the full mile, go and get the Gold Cup Sperry boat shoe. This deluxe pair features an ultra-soft lambskin lining and durable fine leather. It’s the luxurythat your father (and his feet) deserves. Tell him to save this one for special occasions such as date night with mom—which, we suggest you also sponsor as a bonus father’s day gift. Believe us, he’ll appreciate it.

You certainly can’t go wrong with Sperry boat shoes. Show him that he is your favorite by giving him an all time classic—all the while reminding him of something that he grew up with. Better yet, why not buy a pair for every dad in your family? Grandpa, dad, uncles, bros, and even your son, everyone needs a pair of a classic Sperry boat shoe in their closet. There’s no doubt about that. And of course, don’t forget to buy one for yourself, too!

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