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Myke Celis: Finding and Defining Passion

As a child, we were often asked, “What do you become to be when you grow up?” It was easy to say that you want to become a teacher, a firefighter, a police or a doctor. As we grow up, this question got harder as we get closer to realizng those dreams.

Those dreams are no longer empty words, but you now identify them as passion.

Some people are fortunate enough to realize what their passion is before they even step out to the ‘real world.’ There are people who are not even aware of what their passion is. Some people also thought what they are doing is they passion, but later on, they realize there is more than that.

Take it from Myke Celis. He is quite successful in his 16 years of being a marketing executive. He owns an advertising agency and is an entrepreneur of three businesses. However, he does not stop there.


Myke devotes himself to life coaching, which means tapping into the potential of a person. He explained, ” Within each and every one of us lies a very great potential. In order to reach that full potential, we have to have clarity and accountability.”

Life coaching is not as well-known in the Philippines as it is in other countries, such as the United States. Myke believes it is very timely and relevant to finally bring life coaching into the limelight. He said it can help address mental health issues in the society. For instance, “You get depressed because you put so much pressure on yourself, trying to achieve this much for a short period of time and it doesn’t happen, you feel bad about yourself. Nape-prevent ng life coaching (Life coaching can prevent depression) while actually giving you clarity on what matters more.”

Myke clarified that while life coaching can help, there are cases where it is better to seek psychiatric or psychological help. As he described, counselling is about “transforming a person who is in dysfunctional state to a functional state.” Meanwhile, life coaching is about “tapping on a person’s potentials, while considering where he is right now and where he wants to go.”

Life coaching industry in the country may not be big, but there are some organizations that advocate it.

Myke is a certified life coach by OCCI. He stressed that life coaching is more than a pep talk, and it is entails deep probing. It is undergoing through goal assessment, and reality check. One also has to identify what he is doing right now and where that person want to go. It is also important to define the metrics of how one can say that he has reached where he want to go.

“Coaching is all about asking the right questions. Its not about giving advise. It’s not about telling you what to do. It’s about making you think about what you need to think about to so you ca come up with a very good decision for yourself.”


Myke is also a professor at Ateneo de Manila University and De La Salle University. He discovered his “nurturing side” when his students would seek advise from him, not only on class-related matters.

He shared how he talked to one of his students who was “very talented in doing make-up” but “was failing big time in his class. He remarked, “Normally, someone would tell to pursue your studies first pursue passion after.”

He asked the student what the problem was, and she said, “This is not what I wanted. My parents wouldn’t allow me. Gusto ko maging (I want to become a) make-up artist.” Myke advised his student to not mind the class and to do her passion. She bloomed into one of the internationally and locally famous make-up gurus on Youtube.

Myke shared, “You always find reasons to actually fuel your passion even more. My passion inspires. There’s nothing wrong with following your passion. Some people are scared some people aren’t even aware what their passion is.”


For Myke, his passion is touching lives of people. He realized his calling from a “very bad” fall: breakup and betrayal of a close friend. “Staying there was not an option because it felt really bad…I chose to move on and forward from that experience, and my way of coping is writing.”

Facebook what his outlet for his writings. Myke said he noticed he attracted a lot of “broken” people, and resonated his emotions. It served as his reminder that everything will be okay. That was when he realized it is what he really wants to do.

From that “very bad fall,” Myke gave birth to his book #bestmeever which contains lots of “hugot” of positivity, passion and productivity. He shared, “If I could make a difference in the life of one person, one day at a time, one person at a time, I’m totally good.”

His book is just a drop of Myke’s wisdom in life. He, an entrepreneur himself, also professionally engages in inspirational talks for small and medium enterprises, and local and international companies.

He also gives guidance in the academe about pursuing one’s passion. Myke’s definition of passion: “When you lock yourself up inside the room and de-clutter your mind and free yourself from anything and everything that’s bothering you. Without any pressure from anything or anyone, think about that one thing that makes you smile. That is your passion.”

Myke is also devoted on bringing out to the best versions of each and every one.

In becoming his #bestmeever, Myke said, “It’s really a working progress. I’m currently enjoying my journey towards becoming my best, in the best way I know how, meaning every moment, living it, getting the most in each and every opportunity, having no regrets and being as happy as possible. Every single day. That’s it. Not carrying any excess baggage with me.”

Myke admitted that there are still gloomy days, but his heart is warmed by the messages from strangers thanking how his words changed their lives. “It makes me feel at the end of the long day, I’ve done something right.”

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