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Amazing Pastry Creativity on Diva Channel’s Donut Showdown

If you love donuts and baking, Diva Channel has the perfect show for you!

Its the baking competition with a “Hole” lot of differences!

“Donut Showdown” is taking the iconic pastry to new heights.

In each episode, three doughnut makers compete in the kitchen where their creativity is put to the test.

To win, these bakers have to incorporate an unexpected ingredient to their recipe to create a final product that taste as good as it looks.

In time for the second season, DIVA together with Sky Cable brings this unique “Donut Showdown” opportunity to guests as they got to experience how to make their own donut creation with an innovative twist—Sushi.

Held at Shinsen Sushi Bar in Manila, guests indulged in an afternoon of Donuts and Sushi where they participated in an on the spot make-your-own donut sushi showdown.

On top of using traditional Japanese ingredients to make their donuts, each guest will have to include another mystery ingredient as part of the mix.

To win this challenge, guests will have to upload a photo of their masterpiece on their lnstagram page with the hashtag #DonutShowdown. The person with the prettiest and mostn Istagram-worthy sushi donut will walk away with exclusive prizes from DIVA!

Catch the Donut Showdown Si Marathon on DIVA from 30 March 1 April at 10:15am.

DIVA is seen on SkyCabIe Ch. 37

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