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A Chinese New Year Photowalk with VIVO

Although my grandfather was pure Chinese, and would take us to his weekly “association” meetings (He was an officer of several Chinese organizations) I could never remember a time  when he took us around Binondo. My only memory of Binondo was the Savory restaurant and the church.

And though I am a frequent Divisoria shopper,  I never found a reason to really explore Chinatown, except for a couple of stores which sell lucky charms.

So I immediately jumped at the opportunity to finally explore Manila Chinatown when Vivo invited me to join their Chinese New Year Photowalk.

The two-day photo walk was held February 3 and 4 at  oldest China town in the world. We  were asked to capture photos that embody the Chinese culture from  food, the ambiance, the traditional lucky ornaments, or Binondo’s old charm as a whole.

The Binondo photowalk with the bloggers was a special promotional event to invite our followers  join Vivo’s Chinese New Year (CNY) Photo Contest where  participants can upload their  best Chinese New Year-inspired photos to their   Instagram accounts to get the chance to win a brand-new Vivo V7+.

Although we were a week early  and the Chinatown was just starting to put up  decorations, it was easy to find a lot of subjects. From the famous Tikoy stores,  Chuan Kee  and popular Cafe to get a taste of authentic Chinese food, but my favorite discovery was perhaps the “Estero restaurants” which I heard a lot about even when I was young.

Capturing all these moments were easy thanks to the Vivo V7+ camera which takes really good photos and since it has a  24MP front camera, with portait bokeh and Face beauty  we cant help but take our  perfect CNY selfies!

Vivo’s signature Face Beauty spec ensures that anyone’s selfie game is flawless with its natural face enhancements. The Ultra HD mode takes hi-resolution photos at 9216×6192 (64MP), allowing for shots with very clear details. Lastly, bloggers were able to come together for a good group shot with the Groufie technology which boasts of a panorama-panning effect for big group shots without leaving anyone out.

It also has a professional mode, which mimics the manual mode of DSLR cameras, so if you are looking to do more advanced adjustments like exposure, white balance, ISO, and focus mode creating creative photos all you need is just swipe to make the adjustments.

The bloggers’ photowalk for Vivo’s CNY Photo Contest proved to be a success as entries numbering to more than 200 have been uploaded on Instagram by February 14.  Out of all the entries, the top four best creative photos were chosen by the participating lifestyle bloggers with one winner announced during the Chinese New Year celebrations last February 16 at the Lucky Chinatown Mall. At the event, Vivo showcased the Chinese New Year-inspired photos in a special photowall.

Vivo’s official mascot Little V entertained the crowd with a dance rendition of the hit song 24k.

Later, Vivo awarded the Chinese New Year Photo Contest winner Angela Palacio for her photo of her Vivo V5 capturing an illuminated stretch of red Chinese lanterns.

CNY Winner Angela Palacio

The lifestyle bloggers who joined the Vivo CNY Photowalk were: (February 3) Ana Gonzales, Rhea Bue, Katt Valdez, Myke Soon, Ryan San Juan, Cristelle Torres, John Bueno, Paul Chuapoco, and Yuki Tansengco; (February 4) Ed Uy, Jeman Villanueva, Justin Montas, Jerhwin Hernandez, Nikole Maturan, Anthony Neilson, Collen Vidal, Louie Denver, and Slyve Sy. Vivo influencers also helped promote the CNY Photo Contest through their Instagram accounts: KZ Tandingan, TJ Monterde, Darren Espanto, Joyce Pring, Tony Labrusca, and Sassa Dagdag.

For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at or check out their Facebook (, Instagram (, and Twitter ( accounts.

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