Taming the Dog: Marites Allen’s guide to getting things right and making it better in 2018

…And why you should choose Marites Allen Fengshui books over everybody else’s

In just a few more days we will finally get rid of the Rooster and start another year with hope as we welcome the year of the Earth Dog.

As Rappler puts it “The year 2017 has been a period of decline in many ways – we saw the decline of peace, human rights and respect for human life, check and balance, democracy, independence and sovereignty.”

“Tiring and frustrating as they put it. And I have to agree– it did seem to bring out the worst in some of us.

Personally, I had to deal with a lot of backstabbing, gossiping—and if people were fed up with fake news I got fed up with Fake Friends.

Still, I have a lot to be thankful for, because for every setback, the universe gave me chance to move a couple of steps forward.

But will the coming new year be better since dogs have always been man’s best friend?

In her 13th Annual Feng Shui Convention Feng Shui Master Marites Allen held last month, she again graciously shared some of her forecasts for the coming year:

“Dogs have a well-developed intuition, strong mind and imagination. The Dog is a peaceful animal, which strives to bypass any conflict; however, it can also be temperamental and quick-tempered.

While some people will be enjoying good revenues, others will still continue to have challenges in their cash flow.

People who are born in the year of the Earth Dog are strong, tough and never give in unless they give it a good fight. They have very strong determination and stick to their principles.

This 2018, it might even be better to have dogs as your friends as there will be no friends when it comes to business; others will even try to open same business you are in, so the key is be better or the best at what you do to hold your ground.

If you are looking for love, take note that the Romance and Education star will be hovering in the south sector this year and will look favorably on those born in the Year of the Horse (1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990) as this “will create great possibilities for travel, further education, marriage or starting a family.”

In general, the Dog year “brings peach blossom luck to those born in the year or day of the Rabbit, Tiger, Horse and Dog. Single persons should welcome this opportunity. Be warned though, “married couples and those in a relationship should be careful with third-party interventions.”

She also alerted those born in the day or year of the Dragon, as they will have “challenging problems, especially those who are married or in a relationship.” I’m a Dragon but I think my partner and I can survive another year (with some charms ofcourse!)

Marites also shared a very interesting fact about the 2018 Flying Star Chart. The Flying Stars School is a popular discipline that maps the locations of the lucky and unlucky energies or cosmic elements. These energies change directions every year, month, day, and even every hour. The chart is used to determine which sectors of houses, offices, and other structures should be enhanced for good fortune, and which ones should be cured or corrected to counter the negative energies.

Allen said that in 2018, the numbers in the chart follow a unique alignment. As all the numbers when added (top to bottom left to right)and reduced to a single digit will always be equal to 9.

Check graphic below

If you thought 8 was lucky, In feng shui, 9 represents the Prosperity Star. In Chinese, the pronunciation of this number has the same meaning as longevity and eternity. The resulting 9-configuration of the annual Flying Star chart is something that only happens once in nine years and can be interpreted as something that brings positive indications.

It is the number associated with the Emperor of China, whose robes are always embellished with nine dragons.

So how do you use this to your advantage? That’s when Ms. Allen’s Feng Shui Books come in handy. You compared to all the other feng shui books I’ve read, Ms. Marites has the most detailed charts and forecasts for each animal sign.

She devotes a separate book for each sign so you know that a lot of research and hard work was done to detail each month’s fortune forecast.

Her 2018 horoscope books, almanac, and planner are available at all Frigga Charmed Life shops and National Bookstores you can also order it online at and and

She is also currently doing a book signing tour if you want to meet her in person!

As a teaser on how you can attract good fortune in the year of the Dog follow these  3 tips


  1. Know your correct Chinese zodiac sign.

Especially if you are born in January or February as the first day of the lunar calendar starts somewhere between January 20th and February 20th.

For example, someone born on 22 January 1993 is a Monkey; while someone born a day later on 23 January 1993 takes the Rooster sign. Remember the Chinese zodiac follows the lunar calendar, not the Gregorian or Western calendar.

Don’t know your sign? Dont worry just head over to, choose your year of birth on top of the page, and click “Shop your Sign” to know your zodiac sign.

2. Know your zodiac allies and friends. Those born in the years of the Rabbit, Tiger, and Horse can look forward to positive energies in 2018 by virtue of their friendly affiliations with the Dog.  If your sign is in conflict with the current year, you might want to seek the support of luckier zodiac allies and “friends” You can either display or wear their symbol or representation, which is equal to “borrowing” good luck from them during tough times.

3. Plan your activities around your lucky days and hours. All you’ll need is to simply check Ms. Allen 2018 Almanac and Feng Shui Planner which details all the highs and the lows, the best and worst   to help you  choose the proper dates for starting businesses, travels, medical procedures, haircuts, etc.

4.  Wear auspicious clothes and accessories. Enhance your luck or ward of those negative elements with the Frigga collection. Feng shui uses shapes, colors, symbols, and elements to seek harmony and balance in life, so it lends itself naturally to fashion. Frigga Charmed Life, a fashion brand started by Ms. Allen in 2012 has got you covered. Visit to learn more about lucky fashion.



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