Get a Taste World Class: Why your next travel destination should be in an entirely different continent

Three thousand one hundred and ninety seven– 3,197.

From Manila to London!
The only photo I have of our Stonehenge visit 🙁
There was a long line of people who wanted to hit Platform 9 3/4 hoping to get into Hogwarts
Covent Garden. I think
With the Ghost of William Shakespeare
Perhaps the finest restaurants, I’ve dined in The Sketch in London

That’s the number of photos I accidentally deleted on my Mate 9’s memory card. Mind you those were not just ordinary photos. Those were the photos I took of our London trip last year photos from Stonehenge, BigBen, Scotland Yard, Diagon Alley, Scotland (the country) Picadilly and a lot of other places I probably wont get to see anytime soon.

Yes, we even went to the Elephant Cafe where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter

As I’m writing this, I’m actually reaching out to my ex-officemates asking them if they have some photos of me during our trip last year.

My only consolation is that could still picture those places clearly in my mind whenever I close my eyes. I could still smell the fresh countryside  air and feel the cold gust of winds as we walked down Savile Row (where the KingsMen Tailor is located) and even remember the clothes I wore each day of the trip. Its that  memorable.

Before I continue rambling though, I have a confession to make.

Despite this blog’s name and all my posts about the  places I’ve been too, I’m really not much of a traveler, in fact I hated travelling  and would rather choose to stay home.

Case in point. My first airplane ride was when I was already 34 years old, to Boracay. Not because I cant, I just didn’t want to.

Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing new places but unlike those people who really put an effort to getting their itineraries perfect. Im the “kaladkarin” –the one you can bring just about  anywhere and I’ll go with you no matter what your plans are.  But ask me where I want to go– and I’d probably just give you a blank stare and answer with a–“Bahala Kayo.”

The first country I visited was Vietnam, Hanoi to be exact–not my choice but because I was assigned to write about it. Several other trips followed– Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, still no bite from the travel bug.

It was only when I went to Sydney, Australia in 2016, that I finally understood, and appreciated the beauty of travel–because that was the first time I truly experienced how it was to live in a first world country, and what World Class was all about. Not just at the tourist destinations but just about everywhere you go.

Yeah, I know Singapore and HongKong are also beautiful  countries and that there are a lot of world class destinations in Asia. But once you’ve traveled to another continent and you get to see an entirely new race of people—unbelievable would be an understatement.

I thought Sydney was already the best, but when we got to London, there were times that I just wanted to stand in the middle of the road–or Buckingham Palace all day and just let it all sink in.

What other destination could top  London? Hmm. Maybe New York or San Francisco? Oh and there’s Paris!

So start gathering those  SanFo, I Love NY and Paris clippings and put them up on your vision boards (believe me it works!) and start planning your trip to those cities because Goya is giving  everyone a chance to visit these beautiful cities to get a Taste of World Class with its latest promo!

And the best part, its so easy to join all it takes is your changing your profile photo!

As a way of giving back, Goya launched the “Get a Taste of World Class Promo” to give its loyal patrons a chance to taste flavors from all over the world and discover for themselves how world-class the taste of Goya is.

The “Get a Taste of World Class Promo” will bring four lucky winners and their chosen companion to some of the most exciting cities around the globe– San Francisco, New York, London–and if that isn’t exciting enough, the grand prize winner, will win a six-day, all-expense paid trip to the city of Love, Paris, France!

These four major cities are known for having some of the richest cultures, may it be in food or lifestyle. New York is famous for its view of the Statue of Liberty, and its unforgettable Broadway shows. San Francisco offers sights that are calmer and classic, like the majestic Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf. London’s charm comes from its combination of neo-classic buildings and modern structures – think Big Ben and The London Eye. And of course, most romantic of all these is Paris. The culture rich city boasts of scenic vistas like the beautiful Eiffel Tower overlooking the River Seine, the Champs-Elysees, and the famous Louvre Museum.

So are you ready to experience A Taste of World-Class? Here’s how!

  1. Like the Goya Chocolates Facebook Page
  2. Go to your Facebook Profile and tap on your Profile Pic.
  3. From the options tab, select Add Frame.
  4. Go to Frames From Pages You Like section and select the frame from Goya Chocolates.
  5. Click Use. Remember to use this as a profile photo for a whole week to make your entry valid.
  6. Take a screenshot of your World-Class Profile and PM it to Goya Chocolates Page together with your Name, Address, and Mobile No.

Reminder: This profile pic qualifies as your raffle entry. There will be 6 frames during the 6 week period. Make sure to change the frame of your profile pic every week for more chances of winning. One (1) Frame with minimum one week use = One (1) Raffle Entry.

Release of Frames: January 18, 25, February 1, 8, 15 and 22, 2018 and the Draw date will be on  March 2018

Other reminders:

  1. Only World-Class Profile Pics used for a week will be eligible to win prizes. Entries chosen during the raffle will be subject to verification to ensure eligibility to win.
  2. All information sent will be kept confidential and will be used solely for the promotion and for future Delfi related promos. (DOH-FDA CFRR Permit No.: 1668 s.2017)

Easy right?

Hurry! The Goya “Get a Taste of World Class Promo” runs from January 18 to February 28, 2018.

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