Guide to survive living with your girlfriend

Living with your girlfriend is a new stage in your and her life. It’s not easy for couple to move in together. When two just move in they need time to get used to one another. Each of them needs to get used to the idea that he or she will see his partner constantly. It’s generally believed that first year of living together with girlfriend is the most difficult, but nevertheless couples always have problems and misunderstandings. Let’s talk about some tips that help us to avoid conflicts. The first step is a preventing of conflicts. It will be great to talk about expectations and financial situation and much of conflicts will disappear. These tips were kindly provided by a European dating site.

New apartments, new life, this sounds great and this will be great if yours home would be new for both.

If you are going to rent or buy flat or house together the next issue will be a design; your couple is a lucky one if you both like the same things in design. If not you should find the сcompromise. If you live in your home, avoid the word “my”, if in her – avoid the word “your”, try to name it our home. It’s quite strange when you have been living in this apartment together for 2 years but when something is out of the order you say something like this ‘nothing works in your apartment’, or ‘Look, this is my apartment, and I can what I want to do’.

If you needed clean clothes, you would not bring a girl into the house, but a new washing machine. It is unfair to expect from woman to fit into your demands. It’s the 21st century, so forget about gender stereotypes. In modern society there is no division into men or women work. You need to divide the household chores. If you don’t want to clean you need to hire clinging service. Clinging service will help you to save your relationships. All this argues about laundry, dish washing and other household chores will disappear. All women are different. Some of them like to cook and to clean, but also there are women who hate all this chores.

Another living together with girlfriend tip says: “Don’t you go looking through  her personal belongings, but also don’t make a big drama if she goes looking through  your personal belongings. Yes, it’s unfair, but this is the world. She needs to have cabinet with lingerie and few boxes with cosmetics. She needs to have such private area and if she lives in your flat it would be better if you did not restricted her. She needs to feel as mistress of this house.

Support. You should support you partner and she should support you. For example don’t buy junk food when she is on diet. It wouldn’t be nice if you bought ice-cream, sausages and Cola and order big peperoni pizza when she is on diet. Of course is not necessary to you change yours food habits but this would be a nice gesture if you tried to eat junky food outside, in some restaurant with your friends.

Habits. All we have different habits but most of them are invisible until we start to live together. Brushing your teeth while you are having shower, cleaning the flat each Monday, sleeping with turn on light or TV set, etc. TV noise, for example, can interrupt someone sweet dreams. The guy who is the owl will be upset when his lark girlfriend will start cleaning on the Monday morning and etc.

‘My girlfriend once cried because I refused to make the bed every day. And I did not realize that people really do it in real life’ Max 22- this is just one small example, but it demonstrates how different we are.

So, living with your girlfriend is a new amazing step in your relationships. This way will be long and thorny, and I am pretty sure that both of you would be ready to stop this relationships at least few times. But as soon as you understand that people with different approaches and points of view can negotiate and find compromises, as soon you and your girlfriend will have an opportunity to enjoy this  living together experience.

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