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5 Reasons why you need to be “smart” when getting the iPhoneX!

As much as you hate to admit it, if Santa Claus was real there’s only one gift you’d be asking him this year–the iPhone X!

Despite the (fake) hate and all the negative feedback, the iPhone X has been getting since its big reveal, there’s no denying that everyone, especially the iPhone fans that  “All they want for Christmas is you–giving them the iPhone X…”

Yes you know its true!

But if you haven’t been exactly at your nicest this year, there’s still a much easier  way to get your hands on the iPhone X–all you have to do is just be a little bit “smart.”

Instead of getting it at the gray market or pay extra for shipping abroad, you should consider getting it through Smart’s postpaid plans. Not only are you getting the iPhone X on a more wallet-friendly terms, you also get the best  call, text and data bundles from the biggest network in the country!

Smart has already accepted preorders for the iPhone X before its official launch on December 1, at the Smart Online Store and at all Smart Stores nationwide.

Here are 5 reasons you its smarter to sign up with Smart for your iPhone X this Christmas:

1.EASIER TERMS, LOWER MONTHLY CASHOUT– Like I mentioned earlier, getting a postpaid plan may be  a more wallet-friendly alternative than buying the handset alone especially if you dont actually have the credit limit.

Smart  makes it easier for you to own the iPhone X at only Php 3,199 per month, inclusive of data, calls and text services. Moreover, you can have your monthly device fee charged to your monthly bill at the get-go for greater convenience. As such, you don’t need to worry about coughing up a huge initial cash-out payment, or produce select credit cards.

2. BETTER VALUE PLAN.  With Php3,499 per month, Smart postpaid plan, gives you a much lower total device cost as well as bigger data volume.

Broken down, Smart’s Php3,499 per month offer includes your monthly device amortization of Php1,400 and Plan 1999, which comes with which includes 12 GB data, unlimited texts to all networks, 70 minutes of  calls to all networks, and free access to the app of your choice every month, plus 1 month Gadget Shield.  

3. ENJOY THE FASTEST LTE. Whats the use of having a great phone when you couldn’t even connect to the internet when you are on a trip? Smart lets you optimize the iPhone X by delivering the country’s fastest LTE connection, according to the latest study of independent tech firm OpenSignal.

4. POWER MAC DISCOUNTS!  Sign up with Smart and get up to 15 percent discount on select official iPhone X accessories, such as cases and screen protectors, at Power Mac Center. And if you’ve been reading the news, you’ll really need to get that precious iPhoneX of yours a nice case and screen protection!

You can avail of this offer if you order from Smart from November 24 until December 31, 2017. And you can redeem your discount until March 1, 2018.

5. FREEBIES! The latest iPhones support wireless charging, something a lot of people find more convenient. So if you are eyeing an iPhone you’d probably be buying a wireless charger in the future. Pre order it from Smart and you get a FREE Belkin Wireless Charger for Free!*

(*for all approved pre-orders at the Smart Online Store or at select Smart Stores.)


Now what are you waiting for? Head over to and be among the first to get the iPhone X from Smart!

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