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Escape Rooms are one of those activities I highly suggest trying with a group of your friends or coworkers as each game offers a  unique and memorable experience.

Escape Room games can be both exciting and frustrating. It can forge stronger friendships if you succeed but it shouldn’t be a reason to end them just because your group got trapped forever.

If you’ve ever tried an Escape Room and failed, don’t fret. The first time is always the hardest, and that doesn’t mean you couldn’t solve any other rooms.

And to help you succeed here are 7 tips to prepare you for your next Escape Room Challenge!

1.Understand the backstory of the room and listen to the introduction. Once you are locked in, there will always be a short introduction—make sure to listen to it as it will give you an idea of your current predicament. What is the room about? Who are you supposed to be? Is there someone else in the room with you? You can even get tips on how to start just by understanding and if needed–being in character.

2. Turn the  Room Inside Out—but do it methodically. As soon as you are told to take your blindfolds let off those screams but try to control them for the rest of the game. You will be instructed not to touch or break any of the marked items but it doesn’t mean you couldn’t ransack the room See if the pictures move. Open up all the drawers you can. Look under objects. Flip through the books and check under the bed Chances are, if it’s not bolted down, it’s something we were hoping you would pick up, move or look under.

But like I said do it methodically—assign a specific section for each member and gather everything you find. Don’t just flip things over and throw it on the floor.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for hints. If you are allowed to ask for hints don’t be shy to use it. Its better to be penalized a bit than to waste a lot more time over difficult puzzle or if you are really clueless as to what to do next. Speaking of wasting time. Don’t get bogged down on a particular detail. Again this is a team effort so assign your other members to look for other clues or try to solve the puzzle.

4. Talk to each other but also listen. Communicating with the rest of the group is very important. Remember you are in this together. Shout out whatever you find. If you find something that might be a clue, announce it! If you feel like you are close to a solution but need some input, ask your teammates. It’s also best to form a group where in each one can contribute a specific skill.

5. Divide and conquer: One of the mistakes a lot of groups often commit is bunching over a puzzle. Like I mentioned before, if you are the leader, make sure to assign an area to a particular member. Assign a spot to each member and ask them to check out the walls and floors for clues or items. Split up into smaller teams to get more done and again encourage input from everyone in the group.

6. Don’t overthink. Remember that these puzzles are for everyone so anyone should be able to work it out. Escape games are meant  for a larger audience, and don’t require prior knowledge, prior experience, or a complicated explanation for anything. Go for the simpler solution.

7. JUST HAVE FUN: Remember that you are doing this for fun and you are not really going to be trapped forever. Don’t worry too much about failure because those who really enjoy and let themselves immerse into the game actually perform better. Again intelligence and prior knowledge don’t matter but fun-seeker attitude and co-operation do.

Now that you are ready, make sure to check out the BreakOut Rooms sponsored by St. Peter Chapels. In celebration of their DeathCare Week, St Peter once again partners with Breakout Philippines, the country’s first and premier escape room game. From October 1 to November 6, 2017, experience how it is to plan, solve and escape with St. Peter in the following Breakout rooms and branches:

SM North EDSA – Boogeyman and Sleep No More

Greenbelt 5 – Corpse Bride

Katipunan – Clownhouse

Paragon Plaza – Hide and Seek

And if you are an employee, Sales Agent or St. Peter Plan Planholders, you can even  avail of P100 off from the booking fee. Just  present your St. Peter employee ID, Sales Agent ID, Planholders Identification Card or the white copy of their St. Peter Life Plan Contract.

So form those groups and sign up for one unforgettable BreakOut Experience!

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