Kalinisan unveils Klin 365, an innovative 10-in-1 solution, at WOFEX 2017

Kalinisan Chemicals Corp., a 100 percent Filipino-owned company, launched its game-changing Klin 365 cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing product at the recently held World Food Expo (WOFEX), an event that was cheered by prospective clients who are lured by its simplicity, cost-saving and environment-friendly features. Klin 365 is a 10-in-1 solution that can be used as a dishwashing liquid, degreaser, odor eliminator, floor cleaner, fly repellent, glass cleaner, hand sanitizer, table cleaner, table and urinal cleaner, and as a sanitizer for plates and other kitchen utensils. This product aims to simplify cleaning and sanitizing operations geared towards restaurants, fast food chains, commissaries and hotels.

Kalinisan Chemicals Corp. Founder-CEO James Bernardo gives a thumbs up for the newest addition to their line-up of cleaning solutions alongside President Glenys M. Arizo as they showcase Klin 365 during the World Food Expo (WOFEX) recently held at the World Trade Center

“We received lot of enquiries from a number of companies who trooped WOFEX and were searching for pioneering products that they can use in their operations. They were asking for demo trials,” said James Bernardo, who founded the company and is also its chief executive officer. Even before it was unveiled at this year’s WOFEX held on August 2-5 at the World Trade Center and SMX Convention Center, Klin 365 has already generated a significant amount of interest from some of the country’s biggest restaurant chains, who are now pilot testing the product, said Bernardo. “This will be big. As far as we are concerned, there is no company in the Philippines right now with this kind of product that combines the functions and features of 10 different products into one. It’s a game-changer in terms of product innovation,” Bernardo, a seasoned entrepreneur and a licensed civil engineer, said.

Because of its 10 in 1 feature, using Klin 365 will translate into an estimated 15-20% percent savings for customers, said Glenys Arizo, Kalinisan’s president. “The 15 to 20% percent savings is on the product alone, excluding other savings from labor, storage space, inventory, cleaning supplies, time and energy,” said Arizo, who is a licensed chemical engineer. “Klin 365 is very easy to use and therefore helps save time for the kitchen crew.”

Philippines’ Kalinisan Chemicals Corporation debuts with Klin 365 – their latest innovative 10-in-1 cleaning solution for the restaurant industry – during the recently held World Food Expo (WOFEX).

Klin 365 is also environment-friendly since it can treat wastes thrown into rivers and other bodies of water.

“Right now, the country’s main problem is chemical wastes. So when we were developing it, we also thought about how to come up with a product that’s not harmful to the environment. When we dump it, Klin 365 can help treat the wastes because of the enzymes,” Arizo explained.

Flasky (mascot) poses with a guest as the crowd gathers at the booth of Kalinisan Chemicals Corporation to learn more about their products during the launch of their innovative 10-in-1 Klin 365 cleaning solution.

Because the company wants a product that has not been seen in the market yet, it took Kalinisan around two years from the time of Klin 365’s conceptualization to its eventual launch. There are plans to also introduce Klin 365 to other countries in Southeast Asia as well as in China, said Bernardo. “That’s the ultimate goal – to launch it outside of the Philippines. We are looking at Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, to take advantage of the ASEAN integration. We want to be pioneer in Asia that introduced a 10-in-1 product that simplifies cleaning and sanitation for the food service sector” Bernardo added.

This year marked the seventh time that Kalinisan has participated in WOFEX. The company first showcased its products in WOFEX in 2010.

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