Are Filipinos being sent old, unsold TVs?

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my window shopping experience as I was checking out the latest TVs.
As expected, the sales clerks were very helpful and each one approached me to highlight  the best features of their brand.
They talked about resolutions, the loudness of the built in speakers, the contrast  and a lot of other technical stuff. But even without the specs and sales talk there was on TV that easily caught my eye– the QLED TV from Samsung.
That  new Samsung QLED TV is really quite stunning–just as stunning as its  price tag.
I went around for a few more minutes and  noticed that compared to the other brands, Samsung also had a lot of various  models on displays– and not just the latest ones.
That made me think, why are they still selling those older models here in the Philippines when they’ve been spending millions of pesos marketing their newest ones.
They keep on setting a  new standard like the OLED and QLED models like the ones they unveiled at the CES. But sadly it seems we are still stuck with a lot of  their older HD and LED TVs?
Does this mean Filipinos are settling for the older models and that there is still a  demand for those HD TVs?