When the GameDoc meets the Game Genie

So I’ve been using the Asus ZenFone3 for a couple of weeks now and although I’ve already shot the unboxing video I’m still struggling with the editing part. I’m also almost ready with the final draft my initial review,  but I’ve decided to delay those for a bit in lieu of a neat little app that a lot of other gadget reviewers might have missed in their reviews of this sleek new smartphone.

It’s a preinstalled app called the Game Genie, and although it doesn’t give you three wishes no matter how hard you rub your shiny new phone, it does however take your gaming to an entirely different level, especially if you’re the one who likes to document stuff or just showoff your mad gaming skills.

But before we get to that, lemme just share a quick background for the benefit of my two new readers. In a past life, I was one of the first gaming writers in the Philippines, I had the longest running weekly gaming column which appeared for 13 years in the Manila Times and I also had an alter ego called THE GAMEDOC.

If you remember, a few years back (or has it been a decade already?) there was a magazine called GAMESMASTER, and I had a column there called the GameDoctor and I was the one who answered the letters of gamers who wanted some nifty tricks and tips for their Playstation 2/Xbox /PC games. This was during the time when there was only dial up and you still had to scratch cards to get internet credits. Back then unless you used a GAMESHARK or some other device, it was hard to find cheats or FAQs for your current game—and yes GameDoc to the rescue.

But with the demise of ISP Bonanza, so did my career as the GameDoc, as gamers now had access to almost everything they need in just a few clicks. My carpal tunnel  also had gotten worse so I was forced to hang up the cords of my dual shock controllers.

Now the only gaming I do is on my smartphone, I used a Samsung Note 5 before, but since it had a fixed storage, I really couldn’t install all the games I wanted, and the battery life was also an issue.

So I was really excited when the guys at ASUS decided to send me the ZenFone 3 for a review, and in the past couple of weeks I’ve been using it, it has somehow rekindled my love for gaming.

I’ve installed a few games like MMA, Gangstar Vegas, and Asphalt 3, as well as NBA 2K17 to try and push the ZenFone3 to its limits, but I still haven’t had time to test those games thoroughly, but so far I haven’t had any problems and the graphics and gameplay were smooth and lag-free….screenshot_20160922-152512

The one game I’ve been playing though while onboard the P2P bus is Voltes V (okay its not the best game to try out the ZenFone 3’s monster specs) but  it was the one that introduced me to this app called Game Genie.

The first time it appeared on screen I just swiped it off thinking it was just another FB message, but when I launched another game and it appeared again I decided to tap it and discovered how useful it can be.

The Game Genie is a preinstalled app on all models of the ZenFone3. It’s a floating toolbar equipped with a lot of useful gaming features such as in-game search, live broadcasting with just one tap and lag-free speeds!screenshot_20160927-225813

I usually start off with the Speed booster every time I launch a game as it removes all those unwanted data and boosts your device’s performance letting you enjoy a lag-free gaming experience with just one tap!screenshot_20160927-192842


Stuck and need help? Or just curious about something you saw in the game? The Game Genie’s in-game search helps you find the latest game cheats and FAQs, lets you plan your next move via video walkthroughs and you can even join the latest discussions via online forums without having to leave the game or close the app.screenshot_20160927-225753screenshot_20160927-225704

And finally, for those who got mad gaming skillz, the Game Genie’s live recording feature lets you stream a live broadcast of your gaming sessions or record it on your device.

My nephew Calvin was actually the one who got more excited when I showed him this feature. He had been bugging me to help him set up his own YouTube channel so he could upload his videos while playing MineCraft, FiveNightsatFreddys and all those other weird games kids are going crazy about.

Anyway, I handed my Asus ZenFone3 to him and showed him the Game Genie and this is the result. I do apologize as this was our very first time to create this kind of video.

I must admit though that it was quite fun actually. No wonder Calvin keeps doing a running commentary while he’s building those square houses of his on MineCraft, maybe its really time to create his own YT or Twitch channel!

So I guess, you could expect more, videos from Calvin or even me in the future….who knows this might just presage the return of the GameDoc!

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