Capcom today announced 2 new MAPs, “The Village” & “TRICELL HQ” for its upcoming  which called Resident Evil UMBRELLA CORPS.

The third-person shooter, first revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2015, is a team-based action game with a Resident Evil-style coating. Many of its areas specifically draw from the worlds of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, according to Capcom.

resident evil umbrella corp

“The Village” is the town that appeared in “Resident Evil 4” where the US Agent Leon visited to investigate the disappearance of the president’s daughter at the beginning of the game. “TRICELL HQ” is named after the famous company called “TRICELL” in “Resident Evil 5”.resident evil umbrella corp5

Maps are designed to “Resident Evil 4” as the central idea, including the impressive tower from the beginning which are guaranteed to bring a lot of nostalgic moments to those who played the game. There will also be multiple buildings with different combat tactics, and allow players to dive into the indoor fight on the roof.

resident evil umbrella corp4

TRICELL was first mentioned in “Resident Evil 5” it is the name of the company is not in special collections of biological weapons development information and other confidential information disclosed in central institutions. The TRICELL HQ building here serves as a vast arena. The Multilayer structure plus interior walls, furniture and doors with selectable switches and doors for cover. , for the sime cover, near the door when “the implementation of checks and balances?

Zombie Attack

The Experiment
The Experiment is a single play mode, which requires players to finish more than 20 appointed missions in extremely tough condition with limited equipment while facing tons of creatures from Zombies, Cerberus and Ganados will exist in this game.

The new modes give you a better feel of how  “Umbrella Corps’ view of the world, and is  suited to help players get started with the game mode.zombie shield
The initial task is to take experimental HIV T- namely zombie DNA samples. Players must enter the closed areas with limited equipment, Down infection, and obtain a predetermined number of DNA samples, opened the prelude to a nightmare experiment. Different from other game modes, The Experiment players will not get “Zombie Jammer.” Dead players will as food, crowds attacks. They have a strong ability to regenerate body will be overthrown regenerate a new individual.

The experimental stage is TRICELL company headquarters. Here is an important place TRICELL development of weapons, terrorist attacks was destroyed, now the contaminated areas are blocked. The task is to re-open this place legacy communications equipment, patience monster attacks within a specific period of time and maintain operations. In addition to the zombies, but during the raid into the Cerberus can not be ignored.

The autonomous zone of Kijuju was the setting for Resident Evil 5, featuring a settlement that had been virtually wiped out by the Plaga bioterror infection. In Umbrella Corps, Kijuju will be a new battle zone that is also the biggest map in the game, with plenty of open areas and webbed underground passages to keep things interesting. As always, not only must you battle the other team, but each map includes other enemy threats that won’t make for an easy win. In this case, you’ll have to watch out for the infected Kijuju inhabitants called the Majini who are just as fierce and dangerous as you remember from Resident Evil 5!

Join the corps and check out the maps for yourself when Umbrella Corps hits your digital shelves on PlayStation 4 and PC in May!

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