February 6, 2015

With our stomachs almost half full from the food pampering we got from Café Adriatico, John and I slowly made our way to Watami, which was just a couple of restaurants away.

After settling down on our comfy couch seats, we were joined by the manager who talked a bit about Watami and told us that we will be trying two of their best desserts the Maccha Tiramisu and Choco Parfait— but not before we try out some of their best sellers!

Here we go again!

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant is one of the latest additions to the Bistro Group and is the leading food & beverage brand in Japan with over 700 branches in the Asia Pacific region.

Watami has a fairly extensive menu, so we asked our friendly server some of his suggestions.
He gave a detailed page per page run through, and we ended up ordering a mix of his recommendations and their bestsellers.

Milk Tea with Black Tapioca Pearls.
Passion Fruit Mango Tea,

For drinks John had the Passion Fruit Mango Tea, while I opted for the safer Milk Tea with Black Tapioca Pearls. The Passion Fruit Mango is not that common in restaurants and John said it was quite good. The Milk Tea was a safe but refreshing choice as well.

Since we spent a lot of time at our first restaurant, we had less than an hour left to try out seven– take note, seven dishes so we told our server to serve everything together, and the result was overwhelming


I don’t really eat vegetables so I had to pass on the Watami Salad. But it looked really good! If you are on a diet, I’d suggest you start off with this one. With crunchy greens, shrimp, pork cutlets, crabroe, fried wonton wrappers, seaweed, corn niblets, slices of barbecued chicken, and the scoop of tuna with Japanese mayo, it truly deserves to be have the restaurtant’s trademark salad.

I love Ramen! So I immediately took a spoonful of the Watami Ramen after taking a few photos. I was a bit disappointed though as it was a little bit salty for my taste the broth also wasn’t as thick as the other ramen I’ve tried. Our server told us it was bone-broth based and said it was really a bit on the salty side. But the flavor was still good though, I just didn’t like the suggestion of having to add water to balance the taste.

I totally forgot about my slight disappointment once I got a taste of Watami’s Beef Pepper Rice. Now this is something I wouldn’t mind ordering again and again, and againl. It has generous slices of beef corn and of course the fragrant Japanese rice. This one is a bit tricky though as you have to immediately mix the ingredients to cook everything evenly so you have to take your pictures quickly!

We also tried out the Spicy Salmon Tempura Roll, which is a new item on the menu. If you love salmon and something spicy then you get the best of both rolled into one flavorful roll. It’s a bit on the oily side but only because it is deep fried to cook the salmon. If you’re looking for an alternative to the regular Maki, this is a good alternative as well.

What good is a Watami experience if you don’t try their grilled specialties. There are several choices but if you want to taste everything go for the Watami Assorted Skewers featuring sweet teriyaki glazed chicken wings, chicken breast, rolled pork with mushrooms and beef and spring onion rolls.

You have the option to grill it on your table or ask that it be cooked for you. Choose option two unless you want to smell smokin’ but if you’re out on a date the grilling together part makes for some romantic bonding moments.
After adjusting my belt a bit, we finally reached the end of our meal and as they say, its always good to leave room for desserts.

For the adventurous or those who just love green tea you might want to try out the The Matcha Tiramisu. If you skipped on your salad greens at least you can make up for it with this green tea based dessert.

Choco Parfait. Now this one is the clincher. Generous scoops of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, and cornflakes to give it some extra crunch. If he/she ever complained that you haven’t been sweet enough this one will definitely make up for it.




To cap of one truly sweet day, our blogger group assembled at the MADE IN CANDY store. If you haven’t even heard of this famous candy store all you have to do is head over to the Mall of Asia Entertainment Area and follow the smell.

It the place often filled with spectators watching those talented candy makers twist, roll and cut those long candy tubes into bite size pieces.

For the love month the candy store features the Valentines I love you rock candies complete with cute designs. The flavor are almost endless with choices ranging from apple, blueberry, cherry, green tea, kiwi, lemon, watermelon and a lot more. madeincandy2
The jars also varies in sizes, and they have a small, medium and large jars as well as foil bags to fill up with your favorite mix. And to make sure you get what you want they also offer free taste.
Say “I Love You” the Made in Candy way. You can visit their SM Moa branch at Entertainment Mall Ground Floor.

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