Maritess Allen’s Frigga Charmed Life Boutique Opens First Philippine Branch at SM Mall of Asia

November 9, 2014 looks to be a very auspicious day.

For feng shui believers, it is that one day of the year when the Wood element rules the day, month, and year. Wood, one of the five elements that govern the practice of feng shui, is believed to represent growth, creativity, and stability.

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No wonder that international feng shui master Marites Allen has chosen this day to open the first-ever Frigga Charmed Life boutique in its flagship store at the SM Mall of Asia.

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Marites shares that since her line of auspicious fashion launched its online site in March this year, it has shipped to over 16 countries worldwide and continues to enjoy patronage from loyal followers everywhere.

The concept of Frigga is firmly based on established feng shui principles that proper alignment and balancing of the five natural elements (Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, and Metal) can attract prosperity and harmony into our lives.

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Thus, wearing Frigga-inspired fashion can be likened to wearing one’s lucky charms and carrying auspiciousness wherever one goes. Weeks after the online launch, letters from happy Frigga customers started to come in, with their inspiring stories about how the innovative fashion appeared to have fast-tracked the answers to their wishes.marites allen frigga (7)

The creative team of Frigga Charmed Life is composed of award-winning fabric and fashion designers based in London, who have worked for such brands as Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Gap, and many more.

They have recently designed different colors of Frigga—inspired barong tagalog for business icon, Mr. Washington Sycip, and are now at work on the collection meant for the 2015 Chinese New Year. An exciting array of designs for the Year of the Wood Sheep will be featured during the slated opening of the Frigga Charmed Life boutique in November.

“It gives me so much pleasure and fulfilment to be able to make auspicious fashion through Fngga Charmed Life accessible to everyone,” Marites says. “lt has always been my dream, and this event in November is another milestone for me.

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I couldn’t have done this without the support of people who believe in me and in what I do.” The boutique opening gives feng shui believers in the country another rare opportunity to meet with their trusted prosperity mentor who is currently based in London with her family.


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