Globe Telecoms 2-day Digital Lifestyle Expo showcases solutions to your Digital “Pain Points”

When I first met Globe Telecom Chief Operating Advisor, Peter Bithos a few years ago, I thought he was talking nonsense when he spoke about the possibility of “unlimited text and calls.” Turns out Bithos was serious about his promise, and now almost everyone has probably subscribed to Globe’s unlimited services at one time or another.


On Friday, Bithos again took the stage at Globe’s Digital Lifestyle Expo and talked about the telco’s newest services to provide solutions to the problems of this digital generation.

Recognizing the growing relevance of recent technological innovations in the lives of Filipinos Globe Telecom held the Wonderful World with Globe; Embracing a wonderful digital life at the Mega Fashion Hall of SM Megamall over the weekend to showcase the latest trends, gadgets and applications that aim to empower netizens and entice more Filipinos to be part of the ongoing digital revolution.

He called these problems “pain points” and assured everyone that everyday Globe is evaluating the needs of its subscribers and trying to find solutions through its partnerships with other leading tech companies.

“Last quarter it was all about addressing your musical life and we solved that by partnering with one of the world’s leading music services, Spotify, this time we are proud to announce some amazing developments from Globe to make your digital experience better.”



Bithos said it saddens him that the digital experience that happens in the UK or the US and even in Singapore are not available to Filipinos. “Like for example you want to buy an app or make some in-game purchase—if you don’t have a credit card, what are you going to do? Of the 100 million Filipinos, only 5million have credit cards and without a card you cannot make a purchase. And that bothers us a lot at Globe and we have been working on a solution for this for the past 3 years.”

To solve this problem Globe partnered with Google play to allow Globe subscribers to buy apps from the play store and pay it using their Globe load or through their postpaid plans.

“Now everybody with smartphone who wanted to buy something has an opportunity to do that. All you need is a Globe Sim and Load and in one simple click you can buy that app or that in-game item that you want,”Bithos explained.



Another problem he pointed out was the way Filipinos backing up their contacts, photos or files when transferring to a new smart device. While others use Cloud storage services most Filipinos still transfer their content via their SD cards, but what if their new smart device is an iPhone or iPad or a device that does not have an SD card slot. To answer this need Globe has come up with Globe cloud.

“Globe Cloud is the first cloud service in the Philippines that caters to smaller increments of storage, because why should you pay $10 a month for a storage you don’t actually need, and again this service does not require a credit card.”

“Globe Cloud is also a service that can be used even Smart, Talk and Text or Sun subscribers, and they get 1GB of storage just by signing up,” he added.

Other developments Bithos announce is the improved end to end service of GMovies where you can find the latest movie schedules, buy your tickets and choose the seats that you want without the need to fall in line to get a printed ticket, all you have to show is the confirmation message on your phone.

Strengthening its foray into offering bulk data plans to give customers a differentiated browsing experience and value for money Globe likewise launched a suit of mobile internet plans that allow postpaid subscribers to customize their data usage based on their lifestyles and interests.

These lifestyle bundles give customers bulk megabytes (MBs) of data that can be used for browsing through specific set of apps and sites depending on their particular interests and needs, which include chat, photo, navigation, shopping and productivity.

The Navigation bundle, available for P99 month gives customers month-long access to apps such as Waze, Grab Taxi, Google Maps, MMDA, and Accuweather for a hassle free transport experience around the city. As an added bonus subscribers of the Navigation Bundle also get an additional P50 off on their GrabTaxi booking fees.

There’s also the Chat Bundle for those who love to chat with their friends and family all day giving subscribers access to apps such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, KakaoTalk, Line, WhatsApp, and WeChat for only P299 a month.

Those who use their devices for work and productivity may opt for the Work Bundle. At P299 per month it gives them access to Evernote, Gmail, Yahoo Mail so they can jot down notes read and send emails from anywhere, plus they also get free 10GB Globe Cloud Storage.

Love shopping? Then go for the shopping bundle which gives users access to sites such as,, eBay and Zalora, also for P299 plus an extra 5 percent off when they shop from Zalora.

Finally for those who love to capture every picture-perfect moment, there’s the Photo Bundle which offers access to Instagram, PhotoRepost, Camera360, PhotoGrid and Instasize also for just P299 a month.

“There are different factors shaping our digital lifestyle such as the rise of the internet penetration, availability of more internet enabled phones, customization of data packages, and the boost of applications for all users. Their integration redefines how people connect, choose, and capture moments.
Experts from the media, business, and digital industries gave relevant insights on how digital innovations have greatly affected people’s daily activities. The Work and Play session discussed how engagtements—business or personal- are made more convenient and enjoyable by a host of applications and services that are affordable to any consumer.C360_2014-08-22-19-34-17-418

The panelists included Spotify Asia Managing Director Sunita Kaur; LG Electronics Product Marketing Manager Faith Mijares, Zomato Philippines Country Manager Anton Ojeda, Manila Bulletin Technology Editor Art Samaniego, Globe Vice President for Usage, Recon and customer experience management, Postpaid Business Debbie Obias and Globe VP for Digital Media Glenn Estrella

The Session Create and Share on the other hand delved into Filipinos’ penchant for expressing their passion and voicing out their ideas by making technology more flexible and adaptable to one’s personal needs.

Truepropertyph adviser Nat Segovia, Phone CO Mobile Technologies, (CloudFone) president Eric Yu, Zalora Philippines Marketing Director Martin Cu, Mobext Philippines Marketing Manager Trish Elamparo, Globe VP for Digital Media Glenn Estrella, Globe Head of Customer Communication and Knowledge management Miggy Dela Cruz and Globe Head of Mobile and Advertising Bela Gupta formed the Panel of speakers.


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Yesterday, Netizens were treated to a host of activities games new and exlusive offers from Gobe Brands and partners and a mini concert featuring Sam Concepcion Radha, Morissette Amon in Wonderful World with Globe: Digital lifestyle Expo.

Some of the goodies you get from visiting the many booths at the 2day expo
Just some of the goodies you get to take home just from visiting the many booths at the 2day expo

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