Traversing tricky terrain. Braving violent political protests. Keeping still for hours to capture that elusive shot.

Photographers go to great lengths to capture the one best shot, spending time to find the perfect angle, light and opportunity. For years, photographers are known to require high quality when it comes to printing their work. After all the effort, it is but right to make sure that the photo comes out as the photographer intended it to be – exhilarating, vivid and alive.

The engineers behind Canon PIXMA understand that such an art form demands high quality machines to turn images into reality. So they designed an inkjet printer that allows photographers to achieve stunning details with every print.


The PIXMA Professional Photo printers – Pro-1, Pro-10 and Pro-100 – are created especially for amateurs, hobbyists, enthusiasts and professional photographers, as well as graphic artists and the visually-inclined, allowing them to print exactly what they took, as the image was envisioned. These printers are tried and trusted by three of the Philippines’ top photographers as partners in their never-ending quest to document life and people’s stories.




Celebrated international professional photographer Per-Andre Hoffmann recommends the PIXMA Pro-1 professional inkjet printer as the quintessential tool for the professional photographer. Equipped with the 12 LUCIA pigment ink system, the PIXMA Pro-1 boasts of a color range that has improved saturation of colors and darker, deeper blacks, allowing him to achieve new levels of skin tone reproduction, accuracy and quality.

Furthermore, the PIXMA Pro-1’s new inks are approximately 2.5 times larger than conventional ink tanks, guaranteeing more quality prints.

Jun Miranda, an advocate of honest black and white photography, prefers the PIXMA Pro-10. Equipped with Optimum Image Generating System, the PIXMA Pro-10 ensures that photos come out as crisp and vivid as the naked eye has seen it – whether in full color or black and white.

For stunning black and white photography, the machine features a new 10-color LUCIA pigment ink system with three black inks for astounding monochrome prints. The Chroma Optimizer ensures the inks lay smooth on the paper, reducing metamerism and bronzing.

Macro photography requires great attention to detail and a good camera and lens. And Jo Avila, a fan of the wonders of macro photography, spends an inordinate amount of effort to get a shot right. He also demands the same quality and hard work from a printer.

This is why Avila trusts the PIXMA Pro-100. With the eight-ink dye based ChromaLife 100+ system, the PIXMA Pro-100 provides a marvelous color range so prints look vivid, exactly as it was photographed.

Both Pro-1 and Pro-10 are equipped with the Optimum Image Generating System which analyses each area of the print and chooses the best ink mixture while Pro-10 and Pro-100 are Wi-Fi ready, making it easy for photographers, graphic artists and the visually-inclined to print anywhere in the office, studio or home. Add to that, all three Pro printers are installed with Ethernet and CD/DVD label printing.

Every photographer needs a trustworthy partner to make sure that every shot is printed exactly as it was envisioned. And Hoffmann, Miranda and Avila have found their printer soulmate in the PIXMA Pro series.

In keeping with printing needs, Canon also launched new PIXMA printers: MG5570, a color photo inkjet printer, copier and scanner with Cloud Printing Solutions; iX6770, the ideal A3+ office printer which delivers exceptional printing detail and helps streamline one’s productivity with exclusive, downloadable Solution Templates, saving one from the hassle of creating every document from scratch; iP8770 which allows one to print crisp, stunning borderless monochrome photos up to 13”x19”.

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