The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky Charms for the Year of the Horse

If the year 2013 was marked by several devastating calamities that struck the Philippines– from typhoon Yolanda, the Bohol earthquake, and flooding in Mindanao, get ready for another tough year according to several feng shui experts.

“Expect a lot of conflicts, disasters, record high temperatures– the upcoming Year of the Horse is set to be a dramatic one,” according to an AFP news story which quoted several feng shui experts.

The report describes the incoming Lunar New Year as the kind of horse “that you shouldn’t stand behind — because it incorporates the volatile element of fire.”

Because it is the Year of the Wood Horse, and wood being very combustible, celebrity feng-shui master Alion Yeo said there will be a lot of scandals, conflicts, explosions and arguments– and I don’t think he’s even heard of the predicament of TV Host and comedian Vhong Navarro.

Master Joseph Chau

Master geomancer Joseph Chau Kam Shing, one of the country’s favorite Feng Shui experts, sees a challenging year for the Philippines.

“There is too much fire this year, which means there will be more violence, robberies, explosions, and car accidents. Natural calamities like earthquakes, typhoons and volcanic eruptions will also happen this year.” Chau, however, sees a good year for Philippine economy. Among the Lucky businesses include gasoline (fuel) electricity, education, garments and fashion, furniture, health foods, herbs, restaurants, construction and real estate, hotel and tourism and publishing.

Lucky Charms

Besides putting fountains – “fountains represent the water element that douses fire”– Master Chau also suggested the use of a number of luck enhancers. Wearing the colors Green, red, pink, violet, peach and maroon are generally believed to bring luck this year.

For wealth: Treasure Bucket, Treasure Guard, Vivacious Prince of Wealth, and Flying Golden Pei Yau.
For career: Jade Dragonhead Fish, and Charisma Jade Pendant.
For safety: Jade Master Protection Pendant, Safety Medallion For health: Health Medallion, and Longevity Coins.
For love and relationships: Romance Bucket, Brass Happy Couple, Mandarin Duck, and Harmony Medallion.
For improving overall luck: Benefactor Jade.

Other Lucky charms for the year, are bracelets with lettuce figures such as beads and sculptures. Miniature horse statues made of wood and porcelain. Statues depicting seven horses in motion and those with their front feet raised up high will help a house attract luck and fortune. Bamboo figures are said to also attract happiness, love and good health, depending on their number and the way they are arranged. 3 fortune coins not only attracts good luck but will also increase your wealth quickly. To achieve best results, store owners suggest that these be enclosed in a red envelope. Store owners also recommend it as a gift to friends who are about to open new businesses. Place prosperity trees in the office, to help make one’s career more prosperous or place it at home, to attract good fortune for all the members of the family.


Here are Master Chau’s predictions for the various signs:


Horse (1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014)
General forecast: More or less, they will be quite emotional and under stress at work. It is important that they know how to relax more and stay quiet for self-protection. On the other hand, they have to keep a low profile and be patient to avoid unnecessary rumors and jealousy.
Money is neither too good nor too bad. Horses will have a stable and satisfactory income, but they should still cut down their unnecessary expenditures.
Lovers should be patient with each other. Married Horses should keep away from temptation or they will face separation. They must be careful with the way they handle their relationship to avoid any conflict especially in the lunar months of February, March, May, September and December.
Horses should pay attention to road safety, stay away from sharp objects and beware of problems with the eyes, heart, high blood pressure, stroke and cardiovascular system. It is important that they do not go to funerals or wakes during the whole year. To enhance their luck, they should have a blood test or oral prophylaxis in the beginning of the year.

Goat (1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991)
Luck is pretty good for Goats, and 2014 is a productive year for them. They will have the wits and courage to solve problems and challenges at work without too many difficulties. Their hard work and outstanding performance will bring promotion to them sooner or later. However, they must not rely too much on others to take over responsibilities as this will result in failure.
Financially, this is a fortunate year for Goats. They will enjoy stable financial fortune with abundant profits in business incomes. Consider investing or buying property.
Goats will get along with others due to the existence of the lucky star. Romantic sparks with the opposite gender are ignited easily. Single Goats will enjoy a congenial relationship and married Goats will experience harmony in family life.
Goats must pay special attention to their health and schedule a medical checkup after the Lunar New Year. They should go on a diet and be cautious about food hygiene, and drink Chinese herb soup to prevent intestinal and lung problems. Female Goats have to beware of gynecological problems. They should also pay attention to road safety.

Monkey (1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 2004)
It is going to be a tough year for Monkeys as there will be more work and less profit. It is difficult for them to see any important breakthrough in their careers, and business will be sluggish. Unless they have a very strong will to work hard, their success will not come easy. Despite this, they will be busy and will travel quite a lot throughout the year. They should consider working abroad or developing their business overseas.
Money luck is weak. They should not expect too much or they will be deeply disappointed. If they want to buy property, they have to be very careful or they will be cheated on. Monkeys should also lessen expenses and try their best not to be involved in debt.
The romantic star is dim. Not much luck in love affairs and it will be quite difficult for them to attract and impress others.
The health of Monkeys will be quite weak both physically and mentally this year, so they should do their best to take care of themselves. Have a medical checkup at the beginning of the year and try to go on a break.

Rooster (1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1981, 1993, 2005)
It is going to be a creative year for Roosters. They will have better luck and they will be braver in fighting for their success this year. This is a good year for them to exhibit their talents and skills. However, it is important that Roosters be on guard against conceit and impulsiveness. They need to be patient, maintain their level-headedness and work hard so their problems will be solved.
It is beneficial for roosters to make investments, such as starting a new business or buying properties.
This will be a very romantic year for Roosters. They can get along well with the opposite gender and can have a relationship that is both enriching and exciting. Married Roosters should stay away from temptation to avoid extramarital affairs.
Roosters should have enough rest and pay special attention to their diet and hygiene to avoid sickness. They should also avoid indulging too much in night life or sensual pursuits that will hurt their health.

Dog (1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006)
Busy year for Dogs, they have to understand the saying, “no pain, no gain.” Despite this, they will have many chances to exhibit their talents and skills.
Financially, they will have pretty good luck. They will have stable incomes and their investments will bring satisfactory profits to them. It is crucial that they do not risk their money in speculative investments or gambling.
This is a fortunate year for Dogs in romance, which will be enriching and varied. They will be quite attractive this year and they will have a busy social life with many activities.
There is a tendency for poor health and Dogs are likely to get hurt easily. They should keep away from dangerous activities to avoid accidents. It is advisable to have a medical checkup in the beginning of the year and avoid going to funerals or attending wakes.

Pig (1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007)
The luck of the Pigs is smooth and prosperous this year. They will be able to surpass their competitors in business if they take initiative and seize opportunities in advance. They will be even more successful if they can keep a positive attitude throughout the year. However, they should avoid being too indulgent.
Money is neither too good nor too bad. They will have many opportunities to earn money compared to the previous year. Still, they have to watch their expenses very carefully to avoid overspending.
Pigs will be quite popular with the opposite sex. If they show that they are caring and tender, they will get a nice surprise in return. However, they have to learn to be patient and be considerate of others.
Do more exercise to keep fit. They also have to pay attention to problems of the heart, stomach and urinary system.

Rat (1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996)
Their luck is fluctuating from time to time and they will face lots of problems and hindrances at work. This not an ideal year for Rats to change jobs or expand their business – it is better for them to concentrate on their present position.
There will be easy wastage of wealth, so they should be extra cautious in handling their finances. Even as they reduce unnecessary expenditures, they also have to broaden their sources of income. They should not try their luck in high-risk investments or gambling as they are bound to lose.
Single Rats should try to take this good opportunity to plan for marriage. On the other hand, married Rats should stay away from temptation to avoid extramarital affairs. They will suffer from loneliness if they are not frank with their beloved.

Rats have to pay attention to their health and personal safety. Rats tend to suffer from headaches and insomnia, so they should get enough rest.

Ox (1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009)
Luck for the Oxen this year is half-good and half-bad. For their protection, they have to keep a low profile and be patient in work or business. Oxen must not be too greedy and too stubborn. They should accept advice from others and try to improve interpersonal relationships.
They will have a steady income from different sources, but they should watch out for easy loss of money or wastage of wealth. Oxen must keep a close eye on their finances and spend within their limits.
Oxen are filled with romantic sentiments and are very passionate in the pursuit of love. Married Oxen must be careful with their relationship and stay away from temptation to avoid extramarital affairs.
Oxen will have a tendency to indulge in sensual pursuits, but they should know how to resist the temptations or their health will be seriously affected. They also have to pay attention to their diet to avoid digestive problems.

Tiger (1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010)
An important year for Tigers and it is a good time to achieve their ambitions and gain success. Things are going smoothly and they will be able to stand out from the others, reaching the peak of their career. It is most important that they be on guard against conceit and impetuosity. On the other hand, they have to be humble to avoid personal disputes and rumors lest they provoke the attention of hypocrites and jealous people.
Tigers will be quite fortunate this year in money affairs, which will be stable and shining. The busier they are, the better luck they will have. It is a good time for them to invest their money in new projects, but they should avoid any speculative investment or their profits will end up in major financial loss.
Tigers will have better luck in love in the first half than in the second half of the year. Single Tigers should have the initiative to attract the opposite gender so that they will be able to bear fruits of love. Those who have been going steady for a number of years should consider getting married within the year.
They have to relax more and do more soft physical exercise to avoid minor sickness. They should pay attention to their personal safety, especially road safety. Beware of abdomen and loin problems.

Rabbit (1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011)
Things will go smoothly and there will be better luck at work. However, Rabbits may also experience obstructions and problems internally and externally with tremendous stress. It is most important that they stay away from rumors and personal disputes.
Money luck is smooth and better than last year. Career development is ideal – if Rabbits want to strive for the best, there will be many opportunities open for them. Businesses related to fashion and beauty will have pretty good profits.
Single Rabbits can get along extra well with people of the opposite sex, with a chance for love to blossom. Married Rabbits will enjoy a happy family life, but they should keep a distance from the opposite sex to avoid excessive enthusiasm or they will fall into a love triangle.
They have to relax more to release work-related stress, and try to do more exercise and not be too emotional to enjoy a peaceful life. Female Rabbits will have a chance to get pregnant, so they should pay close attention to their diet and personal safety.

Dragon (1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012)
There will be a great opportunity for Dragons to realize their ambitions and to strive for success. If they work hard enough, sooner or later, they will have a good chance to get a promotion. However, they should be humble after success to eliminate attacks from envious people.
Dragons won’t have too much luck in money affairs this year, but they will have a satisfactory income. They have to be more careful and conservative with their investments, especially speculative ones. This is not a suitable time for Dragons to expand their business.
The romantic star is dim and fluctuates from time to time. Conflicts will arise easily. Dragons must be patient and calm in their relationship. A sense of forgiveness must be implemented at home. Single female Dragons should not be blinded by new suitors or they will be cheated on.
Dragons must take extreme care of their health or personal safety, and pay close attention to family members. They are prone to accidents and must avoid dangerous sports, especially water activities. It is best for them to have a medical checkup at the beginning of the year.

Snake (1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013)
The Year will be good for Snakes. Although there may be problems occasionally, the bad luck can still change into good fortune. This will be a good opportunity for Snakes to realize their ambitions and gain success.
Money luck is quite smooth for Snakes this year. Business income is stable and they will have many chances to earn money from different sources.
Single Snakes will have many opportunities to get along with the opposite gender with a relationship that is enriching and exciting.
Snakes have to pay close attention to their diet – it is easy for them to suffer from high blood pressure, heart and eye problems. Female Snakes have to beware of gynecological problems. They should not go to funerals or attend wakes.



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