Enchong Dee takes on a new role

Just when we thought he has scaled the heights of everything that comes with being a celebrity icon, there is absolutely more to Enchong Dee than being a swimmer, TV host, actor, model and endorser of several of the country’s top brands. Now, he comes full circle as a full-fledged entrepreneur.

During the recent 2013 Amway National Sales Convention, when Enchong Dee roused Independent Business Owners (IBOs) with an energizing can-do attitude toward self-fulfillment, he encouraged them to better their professional and personal lives by thinking themselves as brands. His message is fairly simple: “We are CEOs of our own businesses.”

Besides the opportunity to work with a global direct selling company leader Amway Philippines, Enchong is now a certified IBO.  It would stand to reason that Enchong would be just as comfortable discussing being a loyal Amway consumer as he is talking about being an IBO.  “I have great trust in Amway’s products. I am doubly proud and happy to be part of Amway.”
Enchong was presented with an IBO starter kit and a large IBO ID when he was launched as Amway’s newest IBO. More than a thousand IBOs and guests packed Resorts World Newport Performing Arts Theater and applauded Amway’s taking the lead for this year’s National Sales Convention.
Today’s Amway is about freedom. It’s about taking control of your life with a business leader whose world-leading brands let you move into a rewarding future, one that is limited only by how much effort you devote to your business.

Now here he is, one of the best actors on earth is now an entrepreneur. “If you are creative in one thing,” Enchong says, “then you are probably creative in other things as well.” Enchong has been slowly and surely sticking his foot into other things. He plans for his next career, every smart person does. But it has to be in line with his passions. And he really cares about it. It has to make sense for who he is.

“I think the definition of greatness is about consistency even as you mature. It’s not about showing people what you can do. It’s about what you do, becoming great at it, and doing that time and time again,” he points out.

Enchong still sees himself going a long way. It feels good to be successful. More so for a man who has it all because of the strength of his character and his insistence on honesty and integrity.

As Amway’s newest IBO the timing was just perfect. “I have a new job,” Enchong chuckles. And his star is sure to shine anew as he builds his own Amway business.

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Enchong Dee takes on a new role

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