Will a ‘Gravure’ book be next?

And just like that expect thousands—or is it millions of (male?)  fans to line up and shout Hallelodia! As her Royal Cosplay Highness Alodia Gosiengfiao finally graces the cover of  FHM Magazine.

Alodia’s cover shoot changes the trend of FHM featuring scantily dressed  celebrities on their cover, as she wears a “tempting”  beige halter top high heeled shoes while sitting on a white chair.

Sexy yet classy.

It also had the tagline, “Alodia: It’s all right to be obsessed.” probably an allusion to the many fan pages and geeks who have been following (or stalking) Alodia since she made her Cosplay debut.

In her interview Alodia said she was first invited to pose for the magazine three years ago,  when she was still a college student.

“I’m honored, pero hindi ko rin ini-expect,” I’m very shy, so matagal naming pinag-isipan – but finally I’m here! The first invite I got was three years ago. And I wasn’t ready then, I was still in college. And very, very shy!”

Many had guessed that it was Alodia after FHM Philippines uploaded a teaser video of its July 2013 cover girl on its website, check it out below.

A couple of weeks back Alodia had uploaded a photo of herself wearing the same outfit and playing on the same red piano with the “Finally done with today’s magazine shoot! First time to play on a red piano!”

Alodia has been hailed as the Queen of Philippine Cosplay and was one of the reasons for the popularity of Cosplay in the country, she had also dabbled in hosting (LOL with Luis Manzano) and acting (KimmyDora 2) and is one of the hosts of the cable channel Animax Asia.

Having been a fan for most of her career, I also had the chance to meet and interview her several times for her endorsements with Globe and she really is such a sweet and shy woman who never let fame go to her head.  Congratulations Alodia!

Cant wait for the Magazine signing!

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