AMD juices up Lenovo S405

Light and fast.

Those two words encompass Lenovo’s latest Ideapad “S” line of ultraportable laptops. These laptops are of the ultra thin variety, yet the pricing is good enough not to burn a hole in your wallet.

Having a weight of only 3.97 lbs. and a width of 21.9mm, the S405 is a handy laptop perfect for travelers. It fits inside any backpack and also not cumbersome to carry around. For color, the Ideapad S laptops come in metallic finishes of crimson red, silver grey, and cotton-candy pink.
The S405 is powered by AMD’s A-series processors. AMD is known for manufacturing processors with powerful Radeon graphics chipsets in only one package. Known as Fusion Technology, the mix of two processors in a single chip makes things simpler and faster. Having this in the S405 makes it cheaper compared to other laptops in the market, it also makes it more manageable in terms of power.
Thinking of the needs of its user, Lenovo’s S405 employs a number of peripherals for faster and more comfortable usage. The device employs a USB 3.0 for high-speed data transfers and also a pair of USB 2.0 ports. For storage, the laptop comes with a hefty 500 GB or 1TB disk space. It also has a 32GB SSD variant for faster loading and responsiveness.
For entertainment, the S405 comes with an HDMI port, a 14-inch HD widescreen display, stereo speakers and Dolby Advanced Audio v2 certification. The setup makes the unit perfect for movie watching and gaming.
The S405 comes with a boatload of Lenovo’s application designed for the convenience of the user. One of such is Lenovo’s Intelligent Touchpad, a feature that allows the user to zoom, scroll, and manipulate files through the use of gestures.  The laptop also employs Lenovo’s Quick Start feature which allows the user to immediately jump online in just a matter of seconds. In case of data corruption, the S405 also employs Lenovo’s OneKey Rescue System which reloads and reboots the computer back to its original factory setting at a press of a button.
Be it at work, entertainment, or for gaming, the Lenovo’s IdeaPad S405 proves to be a welcome companion made for any application at any given time. The marriage between AMD’s processor and Lenovo’s systems makes the S405 a powerful machine that conserves both space and time, not to mention cheaper compared to its counterparts. Undoubtedly, Lenovo’s Ideapad S405 gives you the best deal when it comes to price, power, and comfort.

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