SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 10.1: Creativity and productivity on the go

By Ed Uy

Creative people always have a lot of ideas on their mind. And for these busy individuals, being able to translate those ideas– whether into words or images is often crucial. This is the reason why Samsung first came up with the Galaxy Note that provided the versatility of a tablet and the connectivity of a mobile phone. The device’s S Note and S Pen features were such a hit among users that the company decided to take it to another level—and an even bigger screen.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 answers the need of most career-oriented individuals who are in constant search of ways to maximize their productivity. Offering both the power and portability of a notebook PC with the creative tools used by most digital artists, the new Note 10.1 boasts of an even stronger 1.4GHz Quad Core processor combined with 2GB RAM making it the perfect multi-tasking device. It also has a crystal clear 10.1 inch screen that is capable of 1080p Full HD Playback and an ultra-fast HSPA+ data speed and Wi-Fi Channel Bonding technology that allows double the Wi-Fi speeds.

Veejay Floresca and Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez
love the new Samsung Galaxy 10.1
During its recent launch at Aracama, Bonificacio Global City,  Carlo Calma, Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez and Veejay Floresca showcased just a few of the unique features of the Note 10.1 and explained why it has become their go-to gadget.
For thriving Filipino young designer Veejay Floresca, drawing has never been easier on a tablet, than with the Note 10.1. The accompanying S-Pen is light and thin, pressure sensitive and pinpoint accurate, giving you the feel and ease of a regular pen. It comes with a rubber tip which gives you a natural writing experience much like a regular pen and paper. S Note now integrates shape match, word match and formula match so you can write and draw while having the Note 10.1 make the necessary corrections. It can even make your digital handwriting clear and precise as if it was type-written on paper. S Note also offers the complete digital publishing experience. Choose from a wide range of pre-made templates or create your own! From magazine layouts, to webpages, and even video-recorded diaries, you can design and shape the look of your project the way you want it to appear.

Artist Carlo Calma, said he found the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 very useful because it comes equipped with Adobe Photoshop Touch–the industry-standard in digital image creation, right at your fingertips. Experiment with lines and colors, and sync your creations to the cloud storage of Drop Box, up to 50GB of online storage which you can easily share with others. With Allshare Play and Cast you can even send or stream your images, music, and videos to other tablets, laptops, and TVs.

Samsung Executives with the new Galaxy Note Ambassadors
Finally, Stephanie talked about how she loves the Note’s multi screen capability as it allows one to split the screen between different apps and programs at the same time. Instead of having to switch between windows, multi screen let you do Google searches while writing reports, or view images as you try to make a caricature. Just like the Galaxy S3 the Note even has an improved version of Pop Up Play that not only lets you watch videos while doing other tasks but also allows you to resize the pop up screen as well.
Aside from the three new Galaxy Note Ambassadors, several other celebrities such as Phil and James Younghusband, Paolo Bediones, Mich Dulce, Jim Paredes, Jerika Ejercito, Terri Madrigal, Baby Kramer, Atticus King and even Efren Penaflorida were seen trying out this new must have gadget.

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