Java Jam turns Coffee into Art

Watercolor hobbyist and singer, Iwi Laurel explores Batangas Coffee as a mesmerizing, attractive and creative medium to shape art in her first solo art exhibit entitled “Java Jam. ” The exhibit will be held at Lolo Dad’s Brasserie, 6750 Ayala, Makati beginning September 8 until November 7 2011.

The youngest daughter of the late former Vice President Doy Laurel, Iwi shares her unique “mixed media” painting style in her coffee creations of nudes, landscape and still life, as well as in some of her watercolor art pieces.

“I have always been fascinated and challenged by watercolor as a medium perhaps because I like creating special effects and experimenting with various “texturizers” and pigments placers like salt, alcohol, plastic and different kinds of fiber to achieve interesting effects,” Laurel shared.

“Through the years.” she adds, “I would pick up the brush and paint fantasy figures  like unicorns and fairies or a country scene with lots of trees, using watercolor. It was only recently, that I stumbled upon a new medium – Batangas Coffee and was fascinated by its monochromatic and aromatic qualities. This medium blew my mind and challenged me to come up with a collection of pieces I fondly call the “Java Jam.”

The exhibit will be curated by Ricco Renzo Galleries, located at the 2nd Floor LRI Design Plaza. For inquiries contact Ms. Kaye Nuguid at  telephone nos. 8982545 and 0927-3244013 or log on to

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