The long wait will soon be over as Captain America: The First Avenger comes to Metro Manila Theaters in just a couple of weeks beginning Wednesday, July27.

Captain America: The First Avenger tells the story of a young man named Steve Rogers who failed to enter the American military in the face of the Nazis in World War II due to physical weakness and ill. Desperation is exploited by a general, named Chester Phillips offered Rogers to become part of the experiments are given code name “Rebirth”.

After undergoing tests for weeks, Roger’s body finally injected a “Super Soldier Serum” and highlighted with a strange light which is called “Vita Rays”, it made him physically transformed into super-human strength. Then, as his supporters Roger equipped with a program of physical training and tactics, until finally three months later he is reborn as a Captain America.

Accompanied by his companion Bucky Barnes, he faces his first enemy called the Red Skull, a head of Hitler’s armament section which plans to rule the world by using an object called the Tesseract and also as a leader and member of the first group of The Avenger.

 “Captain America” stars Chris Evans under the direction of Joe Johnston. “Captain America_The First Avenger,” is distributed locally by United International Pictures.

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