Beautiful actress Jean Garcia and her equally lovely daughter Jennica are lounging at home when the doorbell suddenly rings. The willowy Jennica gets up and finds three of her suitors at the door. What is usually a cause for panic becomes a delicious moment as Jean, with her expert mother instincts, helps her daughter prepare three delicious drinks for the unexpected guests. Sounds like a day in the life of the two ladies, but the mother-daughter tandem is just acting out the seemingly real-life scenario in their newest TV commercial for versatile creamer Cream All from Universal Robina Corporation (URC). Both women return to depict another entertaining moment that reflects their off-screen relationship.


“It was fun because it didn’t feel like work at all; it was a different kind of bonding experience talaga,” Jennica added. “We’re also very thankful to the creative team for making a concept na swak sa aming dalawa. “Sobrang positive and fun nung experience,” Jean shared. “We also enjoyed doing the first commercial. But during the shoot of the second one, we already knew the production people so sobrang saya. And iba rin kasi siyempre ‘pag may chemistry na sa ka-eksena mo. Magkatinginan lang kami ni Jennica, nagkakaintindihan na without having to say anything.”

It was a lighthearted and fun-filled shoot with the down-to-earth actresses and hotshot TVC director Jeorge Agcaoili. In the 30-seconder, Jean and Jennica showcase their real-life fondness for making their own favorite drinks—Buko Pandan Shake, Mais con Yelo and Rocky Road Cooler—at home with their favorite creamer. “Super sarap nung Rocky Road Cooler made with Cream All,” Jennica shared with a laugh, to which the youthful Jean confirmed: “Oo nga eh, naubos ni Jennica yung ginawa nila! Ako naman gusto ko yung buko pandan!”

With the perfect combination of Jean and Jennica, the versatile actresses effectively convey the wonders that Cream All can do for various drink recipes, and make daily bonding moments more fun and delicious. Learn more about the delicious drink recipes that Jean and Jennica Garcia love by visiting

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