Few nations in the world can compare with the diversity of culture and the arts that can be found in the Philippines.  Anyone who wants proof need only watch the 5,000 plus dancers, musicians, and acrobats that compete in Aliwan Fiesta every year since 2003.

If there is something we at Manila Broadcasting Company have learned through nine successful Aliwan Fiestas, it is this —   that our provinces, though separated by no more than a few hundred kilometers of land, or water, or both, are cradles of vastly different and interesting cultures.

One celebration may be rooted in ceremonies reserved for royalty; others draw inspiration from mundane everyday tasks such as planting or pottery;  still others have institutionalized in song and dance the rituals their forefathers performed for the gods.

But make no mistake about it – regardless of the origin of their performances, all the participants of Aliwan Fiesta are the best throughout the regions.  With a championship pot of one million pesos for the streetdance competition alone, participants put in hours and hours of practice to perfect their craft, standing under the sweltering heat of summer costume-clad and fully made-up — gyrating, climbing, jumping, and flipping in perfect unison – to show all and sundry who is the true champion of champions.   In so doing, they have become the toast of media, especially photographers who cannot seem to get enough of their intricate props and costumes.


Through all this, perhaps the biggest sacrifice is  that the performers who make the Aliwan Fiesta a sizzling success have remained nameless. . .foregoing individual recognition, only contributing to the growing fame of the provincial fiestas that they represent.

This is our tribute to the exceptional boys and girls, the talented men and women, and the richly diverse cultures they represent.  Together they have made Aliwan Fiesta truly the Philippines’ festival of champions.

Aliwan Fiesta, the grand cultural extravaganza produced by Manila Broadcasting Company in tandem with the Cultural Center of the Philippines to bring together the country’s major festivals in just a single venue, once again presents the perfect opportunity to showcase regional trade in its three-day Shoppers Bazaar at the CCP Complex.   Those who have outstanding products to sell from the different areas of the country are encouraged to display their wares at the booths available during the event, which takes place on April 14-16, just off Sotto Street in front of Aliw Theatre.

Elevating shopping to an art form and cultural phenomenon, Aliwan Fiesta hopes to guarantee the buying public with quality “pasalubong”  made by the country’s finest craftsmen.   Boutiques specializing in island RTW, footwear, jewelry, and accessories, along with handicraft shops, stores/restaurants selling gourmet delicacies, even fruit and flower farms are invited to take out their respective kiosks in a unified effort to highlight national pride and regional identity.   Weaving cooperatives, tribal showrooms, free-trade organizations and other NGO’s marketing local produce as part of the creative industries sector are also welcome.    
Now on its ninth year, Aliwan Fiesta’s Shoppers Bazaar caters to shop-a-holics who would normally plan an extensive shopping spree throughout the islands.   Terra-cotta. . . ikat. . .mother-of-pearl. . . t’nalak.. . . embroidered pina. . . ube jam. . . abel iloko. . .strawberries. . .budbod-kabod. . .marang. . . Ifugao blankets. . .bagnet. . . bamboo instruments. . .danggit. . .wooden furniture. . .espasol. . .tribal beads. .  .nito bracelets?   You’ll find them all with much, much more!

For enquiries on the Aliwan Fiesta Shoppers Bazaar, please call Teray Rivas of MBC at 6800-3495 to 96.   

Manila Broadcasting Company, Inc. (MBC) holds the distinction of being the pioneer broadcast institution in the Philippines.  Our flagship station DZRH began airing on July 1, 1939 under the Heacock Company and is the oldest surviving radio station in the country.  Today, with over 200 stations throughout the archipelago, we are the largest broadcast network in Asia, and are proudly at the top of the ratings.

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