Motherhood Becomes Judy Ann

SHE gave most of her childhood and her teenage years to her millions of adoring fans, creating countless of hit movies and memorable teleseryes—and in every role she portrayed, she always gave her hundred percent.
So it did not come as a surprise when she became Mrs. Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo and mother to Yohan and baby Lucho, that she would give that same devotion (or even more) to her new role and family.
Judy Ann was scheduled to make her first TV appearance as a judge for Talentadong Pinoy’s Battle of the Champions 2011 (hosted by husband Ryan Agoncillo), but because it coincided with the graduation of daughter Yohan, the actress had to beg off making it clear that her family now comes first.
“I was really apologetic to Talentado, because I had already said yes to them a couple of months before the finals.
Unfortunately, it was also Yohan’s graduation, so one of us had to stay home and take care of the small celebration we had prepared.
“Even if she just graduated from prep school, it was a very big thing for us. Mapagmamalaki ko na nakapagpatapos ako ng prep!” she chided.
“Sabi ko na lang sa kanila [TV5] na babawi ako ng bongga! Hintayin nyo lang ako [I just promised them that I’ll make up for it big time when I get the chance]!”
When asked if she has plans of doing a project for TV5, Judy Ann smiled and said, “Nakakontrata pa po ako [sa ABS-CBN] kaya hindi pwede pero very welcome naman po ako sa TV5. Good friends naman po ako with Sir Perci [Intalan, TV5’s head of Creative and Entertainment Production]. And naka-shake hands ko naman po si MVP [Manny V. Pangilinan, TV5 owner] so feeling ko close na din kami.
“Pero panatag naman ako that ABS-CBN will give me good projects,” she said.
One ‘Panatag Mom’
At a press conference that launched her as the newest “Panatag Mom” of Lactum, Judy Ann says she enjoys her newest role, playing full time mom to 6-year-old daughter Yohan and 6-month-old Lucho.
She says she’s finding it more difficult to leave the house because she doesn’t want to miss any milestones of baby Lucho. “Seeing our babies growing up gives Ryan and me a different sense of happiness,” she shared.
Juday shared the excitement when Yohan saw herself in her Lactum TV commercial. “She ran to wake me up and kilig na kilig siya every time she sees her face on the TV. Sabi niya, ‘I’m going to be famous!’ Sabi ko, ‘No! You have to finish your studies first.’”
She said that her decision to become a “Panatag Mom” was easy because Yohan really likes Lactum.
“I only allowed Yohan to do the endorsement because she really drinks Lactum. I don’t want to be accused naman of false advertising,” she added.
In their Lactum 6+ TV commercial, Judy Ann and Yohan tell the story of what Filipino moms—Judy Ann included—go through on a daily basis: That feeding children can be tedious and a struggle, but mom must deal with it every single day, no matter how repetitive, because
she will never put her child’s health at risk.
It’s inevitable for moms to face such worries. The most common issue they have to deal with being is having food favorites, where children only want to eat their favorite food and nothing else. In Yohan’s case, Judy Ann attested, “It’s cheese dog and French fries.Yung puro cheesedog at French fries na lang!” she complained, “Walang mangyayari sa nutrisyon niya.”
To tell if her child is getting complete nourishment, Judy Ann always consults the food pyramid. “According to the food pyramid, vegetables are very important, so I try to sneak vegetables into her meals,” Using her practical chef skills, Juday said, “For example, gagawa ako ng spinach soup, but I tell her it’s ‘Shrek soup’ so that she’ll eat it. “
As for taste, Judy Ann says she isn’t too worried about its sugar content. “Sugar, after all, is part of the food pyramid; and like everything in the food pyramid, it’s good for the body when taken in proper amounts.” She also acknowledges the reality that sugar contributes to the taste of milk, saying that moms don’t necessarily have to compromise on taste just because they want complete nutrition for their children.
“Kids prefer milk that tastes good; mothers prefer milk that is good for their children’s body. Kaya naman, sa Lactum 6+ lang ako 100 percent panatag,” she said, with a special emphasis on “lang” to indicate that she can find no other substitute that can give her peace of mind.


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Motherhood Becomes Judy Ann

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