Marian gets energy from love

TV guestings, a weekly sitcom (Show Me Da Manny), two upcoming movies (Temptation Island, Panday 2), and an epicserye (Amaya). And she had just finished taping her brand new show Bampirella. Just where does Marian Rivera get all her energy?
“Maraming sources, there’s enjoyment, food, vitamins, and of course love,” she says with a smile. “Totoo naman diba, kung work ka ng work pero di ka nag-e-enjoy at walang love, mahirap.”
At the press conference of her mini-series Bampirella, Marian said that despite her hectic schedule, she had a great time doing the show, because it was very light, and more importantly because it gave her the chance to work with real-life boyfriend Dingdong Dantes.
“I told him that I missed working with him, and that I was very thankful that he agreed to do it kahit guest lang siya.
We exchanged a lot of cheesy lines and he would even change the dialogue to make it funnier. It made me wish that sana the next time we do a TV series it would be a romantic comedy naman,” she said.
Besides Bampirella, the other big story during the presscon, was the text message some of the entertainment writers got saying Marian Rivera had died in a car crash in Cavite that afternoon.
Asked how she felt about it, Marian answered “That can only mean hahaba pa ang buhay ko dahil nababalitang namatay na ako. I was at the parlor having my hair done to prepare for this presscon when I learned dead na ako. Ewan ko ba sa haters ko, ayaw pa ring tumigil. Basta ako, pinagdarasal ko na lang sila’t pinagtitirik ng kandila along with my loved ones.”
In Bampirella, Marian plays Cindy, a naturally loving and generous woman who works in a chocolate factory managed by Mitch (Gelli De Belen). Unknown to Cindy, Mitch is a cunning witch who would later curse her to be an ugly human during the daytime. By nightfall, she regains her beauty but also transforms into a scary vampire. The only way to be human again is to find her true love.
However, she has to suck the blood and the life out of a man to really break the curse. See a funny take on vampire stories and witness how true love an overcome even the craziest curse.
Spooky Nights Presents: Bampirella premieres this Saturday March 26, before Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho and can be seen by Filipino viewers worldwide beginning April 2 (Asia Pacific and Middle East) and April 3 (US and Canada) on GMA Pinoy TV.

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