Even Goddesses will Fall

Goddesses– simply the hottest known women in the universe. They are so hot, they practically invented hotness. 

But every now and then, their mischievousness or curiosity gets the better of them, and they come to the earth and grace it with their unparalleled beauty, causing havoc among men.

Here is how to avoid the mayhem—let the losers beat each other to oblivion. You may just be a mortal man, but with your AXE Provoke, get ready to stand out. While a goddess is used to being chased up to high heavens, it only takes some knowledge to get her to pick you out. She wants a man who is able to handle her, and only her. 

The AXE man makes the goddess of his dreams come to him! But who are these goddesses?

The Queen Bee

Let’s start with Aphrodite, otherwise known as Venus. She’s the quintessential Greco-Roman goddess, one who reigns over beauty, love, and sexuality. The very term “aphrodisiac” comes from her name. That alone gives her alpha status! Exceedingly beautiful, she can be terribly vain. She is flighty and jealous, and has been known to cause wars (think the Trojan War, which lasted years) over her jealousy and vanity. Sounds like your classic diva. If you think you have handled a woman like this before, she is a thousand times over…but that only makes the prize that much sweeter. The storms might be catastrophic, but the pleasures absolutely divine.

The Modern Maiden

Then there’s Artemis, or Diana, the goddess of the hunt. She’s also known as one of the moon goddesses—you don’t have to give her the moon, it’s already hers to begin with! If you love strong and confident women, she is your goddess. The independent woman, she just goes by her business. She is stunningly beautiful, but very steady and cool. Her silver arrows may be painless, but do not get pierced. She should be your target. Artemis is known to be very faithful; after all she is the eternal virgin (the one you can bring home to mom). She’s the prize you’ll want to keep, if only because the hunt—pun intended—was a challenge for the ages.

The Brainy Bombshell
Athena is the goddess of wisdom and warfare. Also called Minerva, she is known to be one of the fairest goddesses. The embodiment of beauty and brains galore. If you fancy yourself as a thinking man, then she is perfect for you. While notoriously difficult to win over, she still admires honor. She is crafty and a little bit sneaky, which makes her a delightful complicated puzzle to solve. With her skills of strategy, Athena also was protector to many of the heroes of yore, such as Hercules, and Achilles. If you treat her right, there is no reason you can’t be her champion.

These are the goddesses. Be prepared when they come down to earth…. All you need is a little confidence and knowledge, coupled with the irresistible scent of AXE Provoke. 

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