first published at the Manila Times, Sept. 27, 2006 by Uy, Ed

FROM the company that brought the Philippines its first Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, comes the biggest online gaming event-Level Up! Live-an event that promises to be even bigger than 2005’s Ragnarok Philippine Championships (RPC 2005).

September 30 and October 1, 2006, mark those days on your calendar as the World Trade Center on Roxas Boulevard, becomes the venue for the largest gathering of gamers who share the same passion and prowess for Level Up!

Pinoy MMO Gamers will not only be competing for the Ragnarok championship but for the supremacy of R.O.S.E. Online, RF Online and FreeStyle as well. A total of P1.5-million worth of cash and prizes will be given away to tournament champions and the winners of the side events.

Live! competition

Since March, gamers have been sword fighting, casting magic spells and summoning epic monsters, while others joined sieges, engaged in laser battles and performed alley-hoop dunks; constantly practicing and preparing for the final match-where they’ll finally meet each other face to face at Level Up! Live!

Each game follows these rules:

* Ragnarok Philippine Championship (RPC) 2006: Brotherhood of Legends-Continues the annual tradition with the top guilds per server competing with Wild Card finalists to determine the champion.

* ROSE Lion’s Den Xtreme 2006-Its gaming skills versus social skills when ROSE’s best competitive players, the Kings of the Lion’s Den, meet the best community players, the Royal Courts.

* RF Novus Elite Squad Tournament (NEST)-Guilds form Elite Squads that will compete to be one of three Racial Champions. At Level Up! Live, these three will duke it out in a free-for-all, last man standing match.

* FreeStyle All-Stars 2006-Top players in a region qualify in the All-Stars division while weekly tournament winners qualify in the Open Division. The four All-Stars teams and four Open teams will then enter the playoffs.

Avatars come to life

Level Up! Live won’t be complete without fans dressing up for the occasion-at the annual Level Up! Cosplay. Here, gamers get to live out their fantasy and come as their favorite Level Up! characters, to have fun with other players who share the same passion for gaming.

For inspired gamers with talents and creative skills of an artist, Level Up! encourages them to join these special Level Up! Live side events: the National Art Competition and the On-the-Spot Drawing Contest, where gamers show that they can be as good with their pencil and paintbrush as they are with the mouse and keyboard; the National Film Fest, it’s “lights, camera, action!” for Level Up! gamers who can star in, produce and direct their own short flick inspired by any Level Up! game; the Level Up! Town, where guilds and clans with a nose for business can join the main event by putting up and designing their own booths where they can sell or trade premium items. Check out the Level Up! Live website at for more information.

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