first published at the Manila Times, Jul 1, 2006  by Uy, Ed

WITH online games becoming increasingly competitive, sometimes the more valuable things like fun and camaraderie are often relegated to the sidelines. This is the reason why online game pioneer Level Up! Games is launching the RagnaReunion campaign.

The campaign calls on players to relive their favorite gaming moments and experiences playing Ragnarok Online. As the foremost MMORPG in the country with the largest online community, it has attracted millions of gamers from all walks of life-boys and girls, young and old, casual and hardcore, Internet caf� and home PC users. Level Up!

“Online games are not what they used to be anymore,” stated Mon Macutay, marketing manager of Ragnarok Online. “We should put the people element back in Ragnarok.” He added that, “That is what RagnaReunion is all about-to be with real people, real friends again.”

One exciting event that seeks to reunite RO players is the RagnaReunion Philippine Tour. The Ragnarok Game Masters (GMs), celebrities in their own right, will be visiting Internet caf�s in key cities all across the country. They will host parties with exciting activities like local tournaments, RagnaReunion yearbook pictorials, raffles and band performances

RagnaReunion coincides with the third anniversary of Ragnarok Online in the Philippines and the release of RO’s 12th episode: Lighthalzen, The City of Commerce. This update introduces new headgear and weapons, new skills, new maps to explore and new monsters to fight. Another major enhancement is the program, Ragdefender, which will provide stronger security for players’ game accounts-especially during this tournament season leading up to the Ragnarok Philippine Championships at Level Up! Live in September.

After 12 episodes (quarterly software content updates), several national championship tournaments, three sold-out strategy guidebooks, countless merchandise and an animated TV series, what better way to celebrate Ragnarok’s anniversary than to pay tribute to the loyal players and fans that made it such a huge success. “We have changed the way that computer games are played, helped grow the Internet caf� industry and showed kids that lasting communities can be formed through online games,” recalled Sheila Paul, COO of Level Up! Philippines.

As part of the RagnaReunion campaign, veteran players and guild masters are personally being contacted by LU! Community GMs to help promote responsible gaming-which includes discouraging botting-among their guild mates and friends. Level Up! strongly believes that an empowered community is the strongest form of defense against anything detrimental to the game.

As online games continue to evolve, so will its players. RagnaReunion serves as a reminder that as they evolve, they mustn’t forget to simply enjoy the game and have a great time with friends.

And that is really what the game is all about: Sharing precious moments, adventures and memories with your friends in an online virtual world. “It is this interaction that transcends Ragnarok from merely becoming a game to a true “breathing” online community. It is the players that make pRO stand out from the rest. That’s the true essence of RagnaReunion,” Paul adds.

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