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10 Reasons Why Its the best time to OWN a Huawei Smartphone

As the old saying goes, you cant keep a good brand down. Huawei has been the talk of the town and the center of controversy for the past month, but with the announcement of US President Donald Trump to lift the US ban soon, things are again looking up for the Chinese Smartphone giant.

Worrying about Huawei is the last thing anyone should be doing right now following the latest developments concerning the top tech brand and it may even be the best time to finally give in, get a Huawei and experience why millions of people are making the brand switch.

Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. Immense Support from Partner Dealers thru Product Warranty Initiative

If you are sporting a Huawei smartphone, old or brand new, more than a hundred of Huawei’s partner retailers and dealers got you covered! The special warranty is offered exclusively by participating dealers to provide a worry-free mobile experience for consumers and to assure that all Huawei devices purchased from them are fully equipped with Google services. The trust that partner retailers like MemoXpress, Rulls, just to mention a few, put on the brand is one of the many reasons why you shouldn’t worry about Huawei.

2. Huawei Steadily Launching New Products — Newly Launched Huawei Y9 Prime 2019

Despite external issues faced by the company, Huawei remains strong and has grown steadily year-on-year. Another proof of the brand’s optimistic view is the continuous roll out of smartphones, being Y9 Prime 2019 as its latest shot at redemption. The brand is optimistic that their new offering will be well-received by the Filipino market. As Mr. George Li puts it, “We will not stop. We will continue to provide Filipino consumers with innovations and products that they deserve.”

3. Non-stop Opening of Stores in the Philippines

There is no stopping Huawei from expanding its retail presence around the world, especially in the Philippines. The global tech giant has for sure great devices lined up, waiting to be released into the market. With high investment in R&D, Huawei shall bring technology catering to the asks of its consumers and will surely surprise everyone with even greater innovations. To further reach its consumer base, Huawei opened its 150th experience store in the country located at The Podium last June 22, marking an important milestone for the brand. Not long after, Huawei made its move again by working its way to the upper north of Metro Manila. The brand celebrated the grand opening of another experience store at SM City Fairview—making “upgraded consumer experience” as its objective.

4. Trump Allowing US Companies to Sell Equipment to Huawei
The recent development on the US ban on Huawei as announced by US President Donald Trump. Hours after sealing a tariff truce with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Trump told reporters that, “US companies can sell their equipment to Huawei,” indicating a softer stance on the Chinese brand. Ultimately, this is a developing story for all parties involved, but for now we are taking this as a win!

5. Huawei Leading the 5G Technology Game

On anything 5G related, Huawei is the world’s leading company today. As early as 2009, Huawei started to develop its own 5G technology and since then has shown proactive involvement in the formulation of 5G standards.
Equipping telecommunication companies and carriers in the Philippines with the right equipment and system, Globe has recently announced the 5G network in the Philippines which has the potential to offer speeds 20 times faster than the current average internet speed in the country. This technology is beneficial for Filipinos who are known to be one of the world’s heaviest internet users, and as demand for data-heavy video streaming is on the rise.

6. BrandZ Ranking Still Rising Globally

Huawei has strengthened its position in a leading global brand index while also increasing it brand value—ranking 47th (up one place from last year) with an 8% increase in brand value on BrandZ’s annual Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands study. It is Huawei’s fourth consecutive year to be featured in the top 50. According to IDC, Huawei now boasts 19% of global market share in the smartphone category. Looking at the future, Huawei’s commitment to developing technologies that benefit society, as well as consumers, is sure to boost its reputation and standing among global audiences.

7. 10 Million P30 Series Units Sold

The brand achieved a record-breaking success of 10 million P30 Series shipments in a span of 85 days! Surprisingly, the sales for the phone series exceeded its predecessor, which also flipped the smartphone scene, by 52% on the first month of its launch. Another testament to why worrying about Huawei should be off your list!

8. 100 Million Smartphone Shipments
Huawei ticked another achievement off their list with a whopping 100 Million smartphone shipments across the globe. This milestone shows how Huawei does not plan on stopping any time soon. This is considered as the fastest pace ever for the company.

9. Loyal Huawei Users Show Overwhelming Support

By staying true to their promise of customer centricity, Huawei strengthens its relationships with its consumer base. It makes sure that its consumers understand their importance in everything that Huawei does and creates. To reciprocate the tremendous love the brand has been getting, it secures its users by religiously providing after-sales services that users greatly appreciate. Huawei enjoys and appreciates strong consumer support which, ultimately should be the reason for worries about company to fade away.

10 Rainy Season Promotion – Offering the Best Deals Out There

As a means for the tech brand to show its utmost appreciation for the incredible support it has gained, Huawei announced a special offer to its loyal user base. In the spirit of going above and beyond, Huawei Philippines introduced a limited-time offer on select phone models that will encourage more people to discover the brand’s unmatched quality. This “Rainy Season Promo”, an effort by Huawei as a way of giving back to consumers, offers deals on the Huawei P30 Series, Mate 20 Pro, and Y6 Pro 2019 at competitive price points.

This is to run from June 21 to July 31, 2019. To know more about this amazing offer, you may visit this link:

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