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  • Claim these FREE Fantastic Vouchers from Choetech!

    As we close another busy month of September, our friends from Choetech have shared with use these Fantasic vouchers you could use to claim P100, P150 and P350 off your purchase of these selected items. Check these out: 1. Get P100 Voucher when you spend P500 for these Laptop Holders/ Stand: 2. Claim P300 […]

  • Shopee Picks: Get big discounts on NVIDIA graphic cards sale this September

    During one of DJ Mo Twisters GTWM Podcast, he mentioned that just like a lot of Americans, he too had been struck with the PC-building bug.  Which isn’t surprising given the stuff people are trying to do just cope up with being locked down inside their homes during this pandemic.   Now that working from home […]

  • LG AI DD– the Washing Machine that detects, thinks and cares

    One of the biggest loads that became evident after half a year in quarantine is laundry. Clean clothes are important more than ever because of the risk of pathogens staying on fabric, especially with households with essential workers and frontliners. This leads to more frequent laundry loads that some washing machines can struggle to keep […]

  • BDO Foundation reaffirms commitment to rebuild lives

    FILIPINOS are battle-tested for any type of crisis and the fight against COVID-19 is no different. Even if this unprecedented pandemic is still far from over sans the availability of a vaccine, hopes are still high with the presence of means to survive the fight. A few months since the global pandemic reached the country, […]

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